July 27 Elk Grove City Council Meeting Report

July 27 Elk Grove City Council Meeting Report


Elk Grove City Council Agenda

  • Proclamation recognizing August 2 as National Night Out. Also declaring it as a night to honor local police officers by calling it Police Appreciation Day.
  • Elk Grove resident Paul Lindsay spoke during the public comment period and requested the city council look into a possible ethics violation by Vice Mayor Steve Ly. Lindsay contended that Ly violated the provision of the code of ethics by using his position as Vice Mayor on his announcement for the position of Mayor in the November election.

In public hearings the city heard a variety of issues.

  • Item 9.1 The city council voted 5-0 to approve sending delinquent garbage and storm water bills to the county to places as a tax lien on the properties that are delinquent.
  • Item 9.2 floodplain management ordinance. Update the code to reflect the 100 and 200 year floodplain and how it affects development in those areas and what can be developed. Council voted 5-0 to approve it.
  • Item 9.3 rezone properties in the east Elk Grove area to make it consistent with the general plan. City council passed it 5-0.
  • Item 10.1 place measure on the ballot to make the mayor and/or city council full time positions. The 5 residents who spoke up were unanimously against the proposal to place the measure on the ballot.  The idea came about at the last council meeting when outgoing Mayor Gary Davis suggested making the mayor position a full time job. During council deliberation, Mayor Davis echoed his comments at the past meeting that he believed the mayor should be paid. Councilman Pat Hume stated he wouldn’t support the idea. Councilman Darren Suen said he believed that now is not the time. Councilman Steve Detrick said he wouldn’t support the idea either. Vice Mayor Steve Ly said he appreciated the idea to have the conversation but it may not be the right time.  With a lack of support from the city council, the Mayor asked that the measure be disregarded.
  • Item 10.2 consider placing a measure on the November ballot for a 1/2% sales tax increase. Sacramento County is also placing a measure on the ballot for a 1/2% sales tax increase. The county sales tax requires 66.67% approval to pass. The Elk Grove measure would require only more than 50%. If both measures pass, Elk Grove residents could see a 1% sales tax increase. In public comment, the Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce President David Herburger said the Elk Grove Chamber is against the local sales tax increase. In council debate Councilman Suen was in favor of the sales tax measure. Councilman Hume said he supports the measure, but feared it could hurt the county sales tax measure and would not support putting it on the ballot this November. Vice Mayor Steve Ly said he didn’t think it was a good idea at this time. Councilman Steve Detrick said he didn’t support placing the measure on the ballot. Without the necessary support for the proposal, it will not be placed on the November ballot. 
  • Item 10.3 Naming of a park in the Madeira area of Elk Grove in honor of the two Sikh men who were murdered in Elk Grove over 5 years ago. The crime remains the only unsolved homicide in Elk Grove. The park would be named Singh and Kaur Park. The council voted 5-0 to name the park Singh and Kaur Park.
  • Item 10.4 Consider request to enter into an exclusive franchise agreement with Republic Services. Some changes in the agreement would be changing the once a year bulk pickup to appointment only. Another change would have Republic Services pick up deceased animals instead of Elk Grove Animal Control. This is for non domesticated animals. Another part of the agreement would have Republic Services take over billing services from the City of Elk Grove. Rates would increase 11% over 3 years in the agreement. During public comment, numerous Elk Grove residents spoke in support of Republic Services and their partnership and volunteering in the community. Council agreed to continue negotiations.
  • Items 10.5, 10.6 were continued to a future meeting.
  • Item 10.7 to amend the Elk Grove Municipal Code stormwater management and discharge control. Council voted 5-0 in favor.
  • Item 10.8 appointing community members for various commissions.
  • Item 10.9 appoint a council member for the 2016 League of California Cities annual conference. Darren Suen was appointed.
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