Spotlight on Business: Kaia FIT Laguna

Spotlight on Business: Kaia FIT Laguna





Kaia FIT Laguna is women’s fitness and lifestyle program for all levels of fitness. KFL is owned by Jennifer Garrett and Ashley Lovato, and opened in April 2013. One of the many reason we love Kaia Fit is the workouts are always different, and the program is health based, which means the food we eat & movements we make today, make our bodies better and stronger for tomorrow.


Our workouts consists of functional movement training exercises which correlate to real life biomechanics. We do a lot of body weight exercises (push ups, squat thrusts, tricep dips) but we also use plyo boxes, a pull up rig, TRX suspension training, running, battle ropes and kettle bells. We offer modifications for every exercise to accommodate people who have preexisting injuries.


Jennifer and Ashley are certified personal trainers, and have experience with yoga, TRX suspension, running marathons & half marathons, as well as figure/ bikini competitions. We believe sharing and educating based on our personal experiences and challenges makes us better able to fully understand what our clients are going through.


One size does not fit all in terms of workouts and nutrition, therefore, our workouts are for ALL levels of fitness. We have 3 levels of exercises and educate our client to work in the level(s) that make it most challenging for her. As far as nutrition goes, our goal is to educate our clients on how to make food choices by thinking of food as fuel, and thinking of the health benefits of food rather than restrictive dieting for a fixed amount of time. Much like exercise, the changes we make to our nutrition should be progressive, so that it can be sustained and the likely hood of rebound lessens. Each person has a different goal(s) and we offer suggestions based on our clients goals.


We believe in first making good food choices and being active. What comes secondary to these choices is weight loss, lower cholesterol, and a plethora of reduced health related diseases. We encourage all women to be the best “you”, not competing or comparing to anyone else. Find support among a group of active women who are there to lift you up and cheer you on. Kaia FIT Laguna is a place to get fit and make lifelong friendships with other women who are working together toward a common goal.

Kaia FIT Laguna

3137 Dwight Rd. Suite 100

Elk Grove, CA 95758

Jenn cell 916-591-05818; Ashley cell 408-710-9326


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