Spotlight on business: Deliciozo Mexican & Thai Bistro

Eating Elk Grove Feature: Deliciozo Mexican and Thai Bistro




By: Ashley Newell

Pamela and Martin Loo are the owners of Deliciozo Bistro in the Nugget parking lot.  They moved to Elk Grove about 7 years ago from San Fransisco after Martin retired from the police.  They picked Elk Grove to enjoy retirement because it’s a safer and more relaxing area than San Fransisco.  The couple traveled for a little while but Pamela decided that retirement wasn’t yet for her and she wanted to open a restaurant.  Pamela worked in restaurants in San Fransisco and wanted to bring elevated and unique Thai food to Elk Grove.

When Martin and Pamela found the location they wanted, the landlords wanted them to keep Mexican cuisine because they wanted diversity in the food offerings in their parking lot.  Pamela consulted with some business contacts including a top chef in San Fransisco and they conceptualized a Mexican and Thai fusion menu.  The landlord approved it and that’s how the concept came to be.

The restaurant offers a Mexican menu including tacos, fajitas, enchiladas, carne asada fries, burritos, and other Mexican staples.  They also offer a Thai menu that includes pad thai, Thai curry, fried rice, traditional Thai soups, etc…  The stuff that makes their bistro so unique is the fusion food.  They have tacos with Thai flavors such as Thai Basil Beef, Chili Oil Chicken, Peanut Chicken and more.  They have burritos with the same meats or Panang or Yellow or Green Curry and fried rice.  They have a chorizo fried rice and Param Chimichanga.  The flavors don’t sound like they should work together but they really sing!  When you think about it, there are a lot of overlapping flavors and elements in both cuisines like cilantro, garlic, chili peppers, rice, and more.

Pamela also wanted to bring some of the elevated cuisine from her San Fransisco restaurants to Deliciozo.  On their menu, you’ll be able to find dishes such as: Stuffed Salmon- crab and shrimp stuffed with curry sauces on top, Drunken Angel Pasta- seafood, angel hair pasta, and veggies done in a Thai sauce, and Thai Coconut Curry Bathed Pompano- whole pompano fish that is fried bathed in Thai curry and served with vegetables on top.  They try to keep all their dishes reasonably priced and the portions are large.  Most the dishes are meant to be served family style.

Recently, Deliciozo started having karaoke on select Thursday and Saturday nights from 7pm-11:30pm.  There is a $10 minimum order required to attend but that can be food or drinks.  They have their regular beer and wine list and their kitchen is open until 10:30pm.  There is also dancing at the end of the evening.  On New Year’s Eve, they are having a special New Year’s Eve Cabaret and Elvis Costume party and will be open until 1am to ring in the new year.

If you’re looking for unique food and lots of fun, be sure to check out Deliciozo.  I cannot think of another restaurant in this area that does the same thing.

Follow Deliciozo on their Facebook page for more special events: https://www.facebook.com/deliciozoelkgrove

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Ashley Newell is a wife and mom who lives in Elk Grove.  She is a food enthusiast who wants to feature the amazing food that Elk Grove and the surrounding areas have to offer.  You can follow her journey on Instagram @ashleynewell.me, her lifestyle blog http://www.ashleynewell.me, and for more Elk Grove food tips you can visit her Facebook page EatingElkGrove.

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