Elk Grove Police will conduct “Operation Crosswalk” February 1

Elk Grove Police will conduct “Operation Crosswalk” February 1



Tomorrow morning starting around 7am, the EGPD POP Unit will be out at 19 elementary schools conducting “Operation Crosswalk”. Officers and EGPD employees will be acting as crossing guards for students on their way to school. The event will conclude at approx. 8:15am. A list of the participating schools is below.

1.       Edna Batey Elementary

2.       Arthur Butler Elementary

3.       Raymond Case Elementary

4.       Carroll Elementary Helen

5.       Carr Castello Elementary

6.       Elitha Donner Elementary

7.       John Ehrhardt Elementary

8.       Elk Grove Elementary

9.       Elliott Ranch Elementary

10.   Ellen Feickert Elementary

11.   Foulks Ranch Elementary

12.   Arlene Hein Elementary

13.   Roy Herburger Elementary

14.   Marion Mix Elementary

15.   Florence Markofer Elementary

16.   James McKee Elementary

17.   Pleasant Grove Elementary

18.   Joseph Sims Elementary

19.   Stone Lake Elementary

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