Jax Chronicles: Spotlight on Mrs. Kay’s Sweet Treats

Jax Chronicles: Spotlight on Mrs. Kay’s Sweet Treats


Mrs. Kay’s Sweet Treats is a family owned business located in Elk Grove. It’s in the same center as Crunch Fitness and Sherwin-Williams Paint Store.


Awhile back, my husband stopped by Mrs. Kay’s Sweet Treats, and brought me home a red velvet cupcake, a chocolate cupcake, some chocolate, and some lemon cookies. I thought nothing of it when he told me just to tell him what I wanted, and he would get it from the store for me. In fact, I gave him some brownie points for being thoughtful.


One day, I found myself in Sherwin Williams buying paint and I decided to walk into Mrs. Kay’s Sweet Treats as my paint was being custom made. As I walked into Mrs. Kay’s Sweet Treats, I realized exactly why my husband said he would buy sweets for me. He didn’t want me to walk inside myself because he knows me well enough to know I’d spend a lot of money on yummy sweets and wouldn’t be able to control myself!


I was grinning like a Cheshire cat by the time I got to the counter. The display was a sweet lover’s paradise. There were cake pops of many different flavors, brownies, chocolates of a variety of different toppings and flavors, macarons, 6 different kinds of cupcakes, licorice and fruit dipped in chocolate, peanut butter balls, cream puffs, cinnamon rolls, and every single kind of cookie you could think of.


Two women came to help me and they smiled encouragingly as I started calling out my order. I immediately eye balled the lemon cookies I had had before, the macarons, the cream puffs, the chocolate and the peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate and topped with candy. I was impressed with the customer service because the two women managed to be helpful and accommodating and not get annoyed with me, even though I said I was finished a few times and then kept adding to my order.


I left the store with my aforementioned goodies in tow, feeling that life was pretty sweet. Every single thing I purchased did not disappoint. The peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate were heavenly, and perfectly topped with a tiny little candy. The lemon cookie managed me be sweet and slightly tangy at the same time. I could tell the cream puffs had fresh cream.


From this point on, I will think of Mrs. Kay’s Sweet Treats as my way of treating myself. The sweets are just a little slice of heaven and inside there is a warm and friendly vibe. Mrs. Kay’s Sweet Treats is definitely worth a visit and I really have no reservations whatsoever about recommending it.


Mrs. Kay’s Sweet Treats is located 9671 East Stockton Avenue in Elk Grove. They are open Monday through Saturday 7am to 6pm. On Sundays they are open 8am to 10am for order pickups. You can call in an order at (916) 647-9318.


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