Three teens rob victim trying to purchase a cell phone

Three teens rob victim trying to purchase a cell phone


In another incident involving buying and selling online, a male victim was attempting to purchase an iPhone through an online website. The victim and suspect agreed on a location in the 9000 block of Polhemus Drive on Saturday night around 6:30m pm.  When the victim arrived, he was met by the potential seller and two others.  The victim gave the suspect the money and was given the phone.  Then the suspect snatched the phone back and pulled out a handgun. The three suspects then fled the location on foot. S-1 was described as a BMJ, 16, 5’8”, wearing a blue t-shirt with blue jeans. S-2 was a BMJ, 16, 5’8”, wearing a dark colored t-shirt. S-3 was a BMJ, 5’9”, with a heavy build and was wearing a dark shirt. The victim was not injured during the robbery.


Some tips on buying and selling online from the Elk Grove Police Department:

Pick a public location or local police department (during normal business hours) to conduct transactions.

Don’t meet in secluded areas.

Meet during daylight hours.

If possible bring someone with you, try not to go alone.

Pay attention to your instincts and be willing to walk away if things don’t feel right.

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