Teen returns wallet found on driveway

Teen returns wallet found on driveway




In a video that has gone viral on the Elk Grove Laguna Forum’s Facebook page, a young man is seen returning a wallet to home a nearby home.


Sacramento teen Tyler Opdyke, who is 18, was passing out door hangers for his uncle’s pest control business, Strike Zone Pest Control, when he came upon a wallet in a drive way in a Sacramento neighborhood.  He picked up the wallet and rang the doorbell for a few minutes, but no one answered. He noticed there was a video camera and showed the wallet to the camera and then placed it by the front door.


After finishing his work, he went back to the house to make sure it was picked up by the homeowner. That is when homeowner Melissa Vang came out to greet Tyler. Vang had seen Tyler in the video, but didn’t recognize him, and waited until he left to check her front door. That is when she saw her husband’s wallet. She commented that it had cash and credit cards in it. When she saw Tyler the second time she came out and thanked him and gave him a reward for finding the wallet.


When asked what was going through his mind when he saw the wallet, Tyler said, “I saw a wallet and cash on the out side and then I thought to my self ‘if I was this person that dropped his wallet what would I want the other person to do’ essentially the golden rule.”


One persons act of kindness and doing the right thing, touched thousands of people in the area who have liked, commented on and shared the Facebook post.

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