This week at Florin High School, September 18-22

This week at Florin High School, September 18-22


Florin High this week by Maritza Ortiz-Urrutia
Homecoming week was this week at Florin High School, September 18-22. Since homecoming is Saturday night, Florin students dressed up according to themes everyday during the week.
Monday started off the week with a San Francisco dress up day. Students wore jerseys from any San Francisco team. We had quite the turn out!
Tuesday was beachwear day. Students wore outfits from touristy attire, Hawaiian gear, and beachy accessories.
Wednesday was Motown theme! The halls were filled with classic mid 60’s wear and late 60’s hippie clothes.
On Thursday, the theme was New York. Street wear and New York outfits were worn. Not to mention, everyday at lunch the theme was incorporated to a fun activity. Polaroid pictures were also taken at a photo booth wall to show off each spirit day, which made a cute keepsake for the students.
And finally, Friday was the homecoming game! All students wore Florin spirit wear in anticipating to the homecoming game, in which Queen and King was announced. Our Florin panther football team played a close game against Franklin High from Stockton. What really made the night special was student Eddie Thao winning homecoming king! Eddie has never had life easy, and so it was very special that he won homecoming king. He’s gone through so much with breathing issues, so Florin banded together and voted for him; he won by a landslide! Congratulations Eddie!
And remember, everyday is a great day to be a panther!
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