Elk Grove Police Daily Watch Summary October 25, 2017

Elk Grove Police Daily Watch Summary

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Watch Summary
Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Time:  0115 hours
Report #: 17-006723
Charges: PC 273.6(A)
Location: 8700 block of Clear Star Ct.

S-1 (Redding resident) was at a residence in violation of a restraining order. As officers arrived, S-1 fled the location in a vehicle. When officers attempted to conduct a vehicle stop, S-1 did not yield and led officers on a pursuit. Due to wanton disregard for public safety displayed by S-1, the pursuit was terminated. S-1 was eventually arrested by the Sacramento County Sheriff`s Department then transported to the main jail.



Time:  1211 hours
Report #: 17-006732
Charges: HS 11377(A), 11357(A), VC 4462(B)
Location: Adams St. / Elk Grove Blvd.

S-1 (Elk Grove resident) was operating a motor vehicle that was stopped for a vehicle code violation. S-1 was contacted and found to be in possession of a controlled substance and marijuana. S-1 was arrested then issued a citation and released. S-1’s vehicle was also towed.

Time:  1224 hours
Report #: 17-006733
Charges: PC 484(A), 69, 496(A), 1203.2(A), 2800(A)
Location: 9200 block of Elk Grove Blvd.
Victim:  RITE AID

S-1 (Elk Grove resident) was observed shoplifting by Rite Aid employees and fled the store after being confronted. Responding officers located S-1 riding a bicycle westbound on Bond Rd. S-1 would not comply with instructions to stop and continued riding. When officers attempted to stop S-1, he rode away and would not yield. As the officers were chasing after S-1, a motorist stopped his vehicle and tackled S-1. S-1 then fled on foot and an officer deployed a TASER. S-1 became compliant and was taken into custody. S-1 was found to be in possession of the stolen merchandise and was also found to be on probation. S-1 was arrested then transported to the main jail.



Time:  1752 hours
Report #: 17-006743
Charges: HS 11357(A)
Location: 5500 block of Laguna Oaks Dr.

Officers responded to a call regarding a possible armed subject at a local park. When officers arrived they contacted four juveniles near the playground. An airsoft gun was located nearby on the platform of the playground. The airsoft gun was recovered and one juvenile was found to be in possession of marijuana. The juvenile was issued a citation then released to a parent.

Time:  2108hours
Report #: 17-006745
Charges: PC 245(A)(1), 245(A)(2)
Location: 8900 block of E. Valley Dr.
Suspect:  UNKNOWN

Several subjects were involved in a physical altercation in front of the above location. This fight was in response to another fight earlier in the evening. During the fight, an unknown suspect fired a handgun towards the other subjects. No injuries were reported and there is limited suspect information at this time.

Time:  2305 hours
Report #: 17-006750
Charges: Pc 647(F)
Location: 8900 block of Grant Line Rd.
Suspect #1:  KORN, HUNTER (WMA, 26, ARRESTED)
Suspect #1:  KING, JOSHUA (WMA, 28, ARRESTED)

S-1 (Carmichael resident) and S-2 (Sacramento resident) were arrested for public intoxication then transported to the main jail.



Time:  2247 hours
Report #: 17-006751
Charges: VC 23152(A)
Location: 9600 block of E. Stockton Blvd.

Officers responded to the above location regarding a physical disturbance. When officers arrived, they located one of the involved parties, S-1 (Elk Grove resident), sitting in the driver’s seat of a vehicle with the engine running. Upon contact, S-1 displayed objective signs of impairment. S-1 performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was arrested.



* All information is obtained from the Elk Grove Police Department Daily Watch Summary. Booking photos are provided by the Elk Grove Police Department if the suspects are still in custody.  All information is a matter of public record, and the media has a right to publish the information. Elk Grove Laguna News may remove booking photos if requested.


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