Kaia FIT: What is Barre?

Kaia FIT: What is Barre?



Hi Elk Grove Community! Melynda here from Kaia FIT Laguna! This week, I wanted to breakdown how you can hit the Barre multiple times a week while staying on track with your fitness goals. I was first introduced to the exercise almost 10 years ago as a client. At the time, I was addicted to anything that was ultra high-impact and made me sweat enough to fill the delta. I was soon introduced to the newest fitness trend at the time- the Barre technique. Going into class, the only two things I knew about the exercise was that it was based off ballet type moves and they only use 2-3 lbs weights. I’m someone without any dance background or coordination what so ever and was used to lifting much more than that, I questioned how much this class would really challenge me. Fast forward, first class was complete, and I was hooked! Let me explain exactly why I fell in love and decided to dedicate the past 7 years to teaching.


First of all, what is Barre? Barre is a technique that combines yoga, pilates and ballet while focusing on isometric movements with high repetition to quickly fatigue specific muscle groups. The only “dance” involved is that we make every rep match the tempo of the high-energy music so, there is absolutely no dance background required. Whether you’re a long distance runner or an avid cross-fitter, if you’re looking for a class that is going challenge you in a way you never thought possible, this is for you!


Why would I want to incorporate Barre into my already established fitness routine? Some major benefits of Barre include improved posture, muscle definition and increased flexibility. For my high endurance clients, they have found that incorporating 2-3 classes a week has helped tremendously with opening up their tight hip-flexors while strengthening their glutes and hamstrings. For my cross-training clients, they love the fact that they walk out of class with their legs still shaking but the class doesn’t impact their CNS (central nervous system) enough that they feel totally wiped out for a workout the next day.


So what does a Barre class look like? We start class with a warm-up that incorporates a series of free weights, push ups, planks and other moves that are designed to target biceps, triceps, back and chest. Next, you’ll use the barre and your own body weight for resistance to focus on thigh and seat muscles. During these exercises, your core will be engaged the entire time and the “shake” will be oh-so-real. After a deep stretch, we’ll head into our targeted ab work with a final series of stretches that help increase flexibility and aid in muscle recovery. Barre is very low-impact and there are modifications for all exercises, so whether you’re just coming off an injury, newly pregnant or beginning your fitness journey this is an ideal class for you.


What are some common things you will hear throughout class? First and foremost, the “Tuck”- a tuck is when you round your tailbone and pull the abs in. This helps to strengthen the core and protect the lower back. We are always in a tucked position and you hear this term throughout the entire class. “Down an inch up an inch”- literally move just and inch (it’s harder then it sounds). “Bendstretch”- big stretch, tiny release. “Uphold/Upfreeze”- Both mean the same thing. Means to lift to your highest point, hold it there for a few seconds.


At Kaia FIT Laguna, we offer Barre 3 days throughout the week. We currently have a great deal for the months of November and December to get you through the Holiday madness. Right now, you can get both months of unlimited classes for only $49! So, if you’re curious or wanted to see what results Barre can actually give you, now is your chance! You can sign up through our website laguna.kaiafit.com/Book-A-Session. Let’s have some fun together and find our “shake” at the Barre!



See you next week!

Melynda Lovato
Barre Coach Kaia Fit Laguna

3137 Dwight Rd, Suite 100, Elk Grove, Ca

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