Making fun of how someone talks

Making fun of how someone talks


We have seen it nationally and locally, the ones who call out others for being intolerant, are usually the ones who are the least tolerant. They don’t want others to have their say, they want to control what is said. They will scream “racist, bigot, intolerant” to try and demonize those who oppose them. If you disagree with any discussion about race, you become a racist. They complain about bullies, yet are the ones often doing the bullying.  This brings me to what happened today.


The dialogue below came from a post on the page of Darren Suen. He attended a town hall meeting that was held by Ami Bera. Fabrizio Sasso and Amar Shergill made negative comments about Bera and I responded. Both have been critical of Bera for not being enough of a democrat. What came next was Sasso getting upset that I replied. He then made a mocking comment about my stuttering, by saying, “D-d-d-debate Amar Doc Souza”.  When called out on it, he then said “I’ve never met you. I don’t know what you sound like. You hate Dems. Those are D’s you fool.”  That was a nice try. Everyone knows that was not the intent of his comment. Typing consecutive “d’s” in that manner was not about democrats, it was making fun of my stuttering. Sasso also referred to those who disagree as “right wing racists.” Then Shergill deleted his comment which deleted the thread. I know that Amar Shergill had no part in these comments. This was all Sasso. A person who does not live in Elk Grove, but is a union rep, (Executive director at Sacramento Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO)
But Shergill is associated with him as is Elk Grove Mayoral candidate Tracie Stafford. If this is the company they keep, then I really know I don’t want them having any influence on Elk Grove.  Just as politicians all over face fallout from their associates, they too will have to answer to this. I met earlier this year with Tracie Stafford and one thing we do have in common is stuttering. She told me that she had a major issue with it previously, but has since overcome it. Some do and some don’t. I know Stafford doesn’t support what Sasso said because she understands what it is like to not be able to say things how you want to say them.  Sasso said he didn’t know I stutter and I call bullshit on that. I do live videos all the time and anyone that listens can tell and of course a few post nasty comments about it, but no one is stupid enough to think that typing “D-d-d-debate Amar Doc Souza” meant “democrats”.

This shows how intolerant some of the supposed tolerant ones. Sasso tried to bully me and thought that making fun of my speech would do that.  This shows how low they will go and why they want to shut me up. It won’t work. I have become a hot topic on the local “resistance” group page as well with my name coming up in their posts.  They don’t want the people to see their agenda and see the truth.  They think that their complaints about the City of Elk Grove “Humanity” logo and my subsequent posts about it, were getting to me. Quite the contrary. It showed just how ridiculous some of them are that they were complaining about a logo, moments after the first town hall about racism.  Outside of their little group, there was no support for the change of the logo. The city went along just to appease them.  By all means please come up with more “suggestions” on changes. It makes it easier for people to see how ridiculous they are. 


I have never, ever said I represent or speak for anyone. I don’t speak for the city or it’s residents. I do speak for myself and I will expose this type of stuff. It shows how desperate they are, that they are afraid of what I say. I will stand up for the city I love and the people here who do not want to be influenced by politicians trying to push their agenda.  I will give a voice to those who do not want this in our city. I also know that a lot of people in this city respect me and have my back, just as I have theirs. I am sure they will continue to focus on me and attack me privately and publicly. All that is fine. The people will know the truth when it happens and see it for what it is, trying to silence the press and the truth.
Look, I am 54 years old and I have dealt with stuttering all my life. I was made fun of as a kid and an adult, even today.  I am way tougher than that.   It has shaped who I am, made it more important what I have accomplished in spite of that.  I don’t consider it a handicap or disability, although some might.  It is what it is. I can’t or won’t change who I am or run from it. If it bothers some people too bad. If you think it’s funny, that’s fine, it shows who you really are.  The same people who criticized Trump for mocking a reporter are doing the same thing now.  Recently there was a post on Elk Grove News with a challenge to debate Shergill on the issues he is proposing. On the Facebook post apparently a couple of people joked about my stuttering and then it was deleted.  Of course that was likely part of the plan for the proposed “debate”.  To either get me out there to try and make me look bad or or say “see he chickened out.”  I wouldn’t debate anyway. There is no need to debate issues that are being pushed by a small group with a political agenda that is only causing more divisiveness.
The past couple of weeks, my youngest son has been teased at school because he has a slight lisp. Having been there and done that, I told him the best thing to do is to ignore it, but that is easier said than done for kids. It really affected him. My wife will attest to the fact that when we had kids my biggest concern was that they not go through what I went through as a kid.  I am so grateful that they don’t stutter.  I would not wish this on anyone, but it is not who I am. It is just what I have to deal with.
Hopefully people reading this will realize that it is not a joking matter. Hopefully others going through this will see that they are not alone, that it affects a lot of people, mostly males.  It’s not a disease. Some overcome and some just deal with it.
There’s an old saying. “never argue with a man who buys ink by the barrel.”  I have never forgot anyone that has made fun of my speech. Never.  I tuck it away for motivation.  I will stand up to those who are trying to divide the city. They are trying to split the city up and pit citizen against citizen, race against race.  You will not silence me.
Below is the post from Facebook

Fabrizio Sasso: He despises working class people

Amar Singh Shergill:  Darren Suen, Did Rep. Bera give a final decision as to whether he will be running as a Democrat or a Republican? It looks like he is laying the groundwork for a party switch.

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Doc Souza:  God forbid he doesn’t always follow the far left party line!
I hate when people actually use common sense instead of just being a party stooge ?

Fabrizio Sasso:  Doc Souza, why haven’t you accepted to debate Amar in a pubic forum about By-District voting and diversity? Amar Singh Shergill has agreed to participate.

Robert Longer Yeah, instead of trolling Amar behind a computer screen, man up and debate him face-to-face.

Fabrizio Sasso He’s a Facebook tough guy

Doc Souza Fabrizio Sasso Nothing to debate. Elk Grove residents aren’t supporting your plans. It’s just being pushed by your group.

Did you move to Elk Grove yet? Oh no that’s right, you don’t live here, but you want push your agenda.

Doc Souza Robert Longer You mean like Amar trolled Darren’s post?

Doc Souza Fabrizio Sasso naw I just care about the city where I live, not some political party agenda.

Fabrizio Sasso I represent 26,000 union voters in elk grove. I’m doing my job their interests…i don’t need to live there to know people like you are what’s keeping this city from reaching it’s potential.

Robert Longer How about we let Elk Grove residents decide? There’s a thought. Instead of right-wing trolls dictating what voters get to see or not, let the people vote on what they want.

Fabrizio Sasso Right wing racists

Doc Souza Robert Longer you mean like what the far left is pushing?

Doc Souza Fabrizio Sasso of course. They’re all racists. You just lost the argument.


Fabrizio Sasso Of course Doc Souza feels like he’s the one who decides who wins and loses.

Fabrizio Sasso D-d-d-debate Amar Doc Souza

Doc Souza Fabrizio Sasso No, but in order to try and get support you need to make the other side look evil and call them racists. People are tired of that. Guess you missed the last election. Stick to the issues. You don’t even know what Elk Grove residents want. You’re trying to tell them. Sorry, we don’t need more government. You’re doing to great in Sacramento. Crime is going up, police are leaving, and now you’re going to pay the criminals.

Robert Longer I’m sorry, but since when does Doc Souza represent all of Elk Grove? I must have missed that memo. Get over yourself man. You’re not the final say on anything, especially Elk Grove. Grow up.

Doc Souza Very classy Fabrizio! Are you making fun because I stutter? I heard someone did that the other day too. Another sign that you lost when you have to resort to making fun of how someone talks. How very tolerant!

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Doc Souza Robert Longer I never said I was the final say on anything. I’m not the one pushing a political agenda

Fabrizio Sasso I’ve never met you. I don’t know what you sound like. You hate Dems. Those are D’s you fool

Robert Longer On the contrary, you have an agenda which you push everyday. Your little blog with the three readers pushes your little agenda constantly.

Fabrizio Sasso Sounds like you’ve got sone insecurities and are trying to play the victim card. You lose the debate that way

Doc Souza Robert Longer 3 readers? If you say so. Im not running for office. I’m not trying to push things the people don’t want for political purposes.

Robert Longer Neither Fabrizio nor I are running for office either. And there you go again with what the people supposedly don’t want. You don’t get to determine what 170,000 people want. You’re not that important. Get over yourself.

Doc Souza Fabrizio Sasso Sorry, you showed your true colors. You’re not fooling anyone. I had others message me and say the same thing. Just own what you said. Only thing worse is acting like you didn’t say it. Just be honest

Fabrizio Sasso I wasn’t making fun of a stutter you may have (we’ve never met), but i saw how it may be taken that way and removed it. You’ll use it anyway it’ll benefit you


Doc Souza Robert Longer I’m not trying to determine what 170,000 want. They are. They don’t support what you’re pushing. Elk Grove residents are moderates, who are tough on crime. They know what the progressives want to do, more prop 47, 57, and more criminals out loose. No thanks.

Robert Longer You. Don’t. Speak. For. Elk Grove.

Doc Souza Fabrizio Sasso dude, just stop. That’s embarrassing.

Robert Longer Stop saying they this and they that. You don’t get to say what they want dude.

Doc Souza Robert Longer I never said I did. You don’t have a clue what people want, that’s the problem. You’r e trying to tell them what they need and what is best for them. People don’t want to be told what they need or what is best. That’s the point. There was no support for this agenda being pushed. This is being promoted by progressives for political purposes.

Fabrizio Sasso The citizen asked for a pubic forum on these issues. Lets have that forum.

Doc Souza Fabrizio Sasso nothing is stopping you from having a forum

Robert Longer I’m done wasting my time with this right-wing guy, Fabrizio and Amar.

Doc Souza Robert Longer ??

Amar Singh Shergill Wow…this thread took a left-turn. Deleting and starting over. I don’t think we need to drag the ‘far-left’ or the ‘right wing’…and personal attacks are unwelcome too.
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