Owners of Vintage Street Market respond to harassment claims

Owners of Vintage Street Market respond to harassment claims


Elk Grove Laguna News contacted the business owners of the three local old town Elk Grove businesses that are involved in a dispute in order to allow all sides an equal opportunity to present their side of the story.  The owner of the coin shop declined to comment at this time. The owner of the salon did not respond to our request. The invitation to respond with a statement is still open to the other businesses.


The owners of the Vintage Street Market did respond with the statement below. It is unedited.



On behalf of my husband John and I, this statement is in regards to the recent Facebook post made by Sharie Wilson, against our business, that can be found here



Additionally, it’s in response to several of the comments, and comments within the comments, falsely accusing us of being racists, threatening to protest our store, threatening lawsuits against us and more.


My husband and I have never harassed Sharie Wilson, her employees or any of her customers. We have never accused her of “all the racial issues we are having in Elk Grove.”


We acknowledge the despicable hate crime that occurred at her business in September of 2017. The morning it was discovered, I was literally “in” our front window working on a window display when she pulled up with the EGPD behind her. She stopped in our door, on the way to her shop, to let us know what was going on. We expressed shock and disbelief and cooperated in the EGPD’s investigation. Since that day, EGPD has not returned to our shop with regards to their investigation of the hate crime.


Since the hate crime, our building has been under 24/7 video surveillance by either the City or EGPD (I’m uncertain who placed the order). But I did observe a temporary video camera for a couple of weeks following the incident, and then watched as a permanent camera was installed on the traffic light pole on the corner of School St. and Elk Grove Blvd. ALL of our comings, goings and daily sidewalk interactions with folks should be on video. I do not have knowledge on how to gain access to the video, but for those who might, I encourage you to seek the truth that should be revealed on video.


We have never sought Sharie, her employees or her customers out for the purposes of harassment.

Additionally, on Sharie’s Facebook post she’s claims:

Sharie Wilson Vintage Street Market 
You and your husband along with the COIN SHOP GUY told LIZ FROM CHANEL 10 that I was responsible for the hate note that was left at my salon door. You also stood there while THE COIN GUY told me that I need to be careful, and I never know who you all know at city hall… let’s stop with BS! You know what part you’re playing in this madness!!!!! 


She accuses me of being present, along with my husband and the owner of the coin shop when “Liz from Channel 10” arrived last Wednesday evening, January 10. I was not present. In fact, I have GPS on my phone that shows my driving history and I’m happy to provide that information to any authority who deems it necessary to prove my whereabouts.


My husband says that he and Mike, who were already outside chatting because we had just informed him we were closing the business, were approached by a news person and her cameraman. My husband inquired as to the nature of their visit and was told they were seeking comment from Sharie regarding a local teen and a racist video that went viral, in anticipation of the City Council Meeting that they were heading to after speaking with Sharie.


The reporter then asked how my husband’s relationship was with Sharie. He told the news reporter that he wished she (the news reporter) could follow Sharie around and record how she interacts with our businesses. The news reporter replied, “what do you mean?” at which point John explained the few instances that have occurred, over the last 10 months, between Sharie and us regarding parking issues and the loading zone that the City of Elk Grove implemented in front of our building. Sharie has been difficult to have a conversation with and, instead, elevates her voice to the point of yelling and has accused us of painting the curb yellow ourselves, calling the EGPD on her (we did call the non-emergency EGPD # to request enforcement of the loading zone against vehicles that had been parked there for several hours. We didn’t know who the vehicles belonged to and the Community Service Officer that came out actually went from business to business to identify the owners of the vehicles and provide them a ‘notice’ vs. a ticket) and, in the heat of her yelling, looked directly at my husband and said, “I bet you even put the note on my door!” At that point, while inside my store, I heard my husband’s voice elevate and say, “Don’t you dare accuse me of that!” To that, I intervened and made him come back in the shop to cool off. On another occasion, John was outside the Coin Shop, talking with Mike, and Sharie walked up to them, with an elevated voice once again, and began yelling at John that “he wasn’t a man. That if he was a real man he wouldn’t have called the EGPD for assistance in enforcing the loading zone but, instead, should have come in to her shop and asked her to move her car for your customers.” He was unable to get a word in edge-wise which, at the end of the day, is the reason we’ve never gone into her shop to engage in conversation with her, for fear of being verbally attacked.


So, long story short: he shared his experiences of being verbally attacked twice by Sharie with the news reporter. When she asked if he’d go on camera, he declined. We were being as intentional as possible to NOT have our business name associated with any negative news story.


Since moving into the building on Elk Grove Blvd., we have established positive business relationships with the owners and staff of the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center, Old Town Fabrics, Love Junky, The Coin Shop, ReEmbellish (before she closed in May) and The Red Door. We all work cooperatively to refer customers, buy & sell from each other and support each other during a time of uneasiness as a small business owner in Old Town Elk Grove.


Parking has always been a problem (long before we came on scene), foot traffic has declined and business profits are down for most of us. These are the reasons we made the difficult decision to close our business after just 11 months. We gave notice to our landlord and Consignors on January 2, almost 2 weeks before Sharie’s post directed at our business.


With regards to racism in our local community that has recently been brought to light, we are saddened and dismayed to know that this still exists in 2018. We have raised 4 children in this school district and my experiences have shown me that it is one of the most diverse school districts in the State, if not the Country. When serving at a local elementary school, I was informed at one time that there were over 27 different languages represented in that one school’s population. I was raised to believe, and have passed that on to our children, that we are all God’s children and that all human lives matter. It saddens me to know that not all families choose to raise their children this way. I pray daily that the steps being taken by the City of Elk Grove and the Elk Grove Unified School District to address and combat racism, have positive effect on the hearts and lives of our young people. However, I also believe that the responsibility lies with the parents, guardians and families who are influencing our young people. Racism and intolerance for humans who look, speak or act different than ourselves is completely unacceptable.


Melanie Fuchs, Owner


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