City of Elk Grove installing cameras to improve traffic signal control

City of Elk Grove installing cameras to improve traffic signal control



Residents of Elk Grove may have seen city work crews installing cameras at various intersections of the city this past week.  Elk Grove Laguna News contacted the Department of Public Works to find out more information on the cameras.



Traffic engineer Ryan Chapman responded to our request with the following explanation:


The cameras will enable the traffic signal to identify when a car is approaching the intersection and allow the traffic signal to make adjustments to the cycle length to accommodate the traffic either by lengthening the current green phase or cycling to the next green phase. The images from these cameras are not recorded or stored and they do not read license plates. 

Currently there are loops in the ground that were installed with the original traffic signal that are used by the signal to detect traffic.   These loops need to be replaced.

When we were looking at alternatives for detection,  the costs for replacing the loops versus installing the cameras were similar and there were additional benefits to using the cameras. These benefits include:

  • Greater accuracy in bicycle detection.
  • The ability to collect and store traffic volume data.
  • The ability to be more responsive and make changes to detection due to changes in traffic or construction near the signal without having to install new loops.

Here is a list of the locations.

1              Aizenberg Circle / Halverson Dr & Elk Grove-Florin Rd

2              Amber Creek Dr / Frye Creek Dr & Big Horn Blvd

3              Arborview Dr / Vicino Dr & Big Horn Blvd

4              Auto Center Dr & Elk Grove Blvd

5              Big Horn Blvd & Brockenhurst Dr / Meadowspring Dr

6              Big Horn Blvd & Bruceville Rd – to be included with Pavement Rehab Project

7              Big Horn Blvd & Laguna Star Dr / Meadowspring Dr

8              Big Horn Blvd / Dwight Rd & Franklin Blvd

9              Black Kite Dr / Heritage Hill Dr & Elk Grove-Florin Rd

10           Bruceville Rd & Di Lusso Dr / Laguna Crossroads

11           Castleview Dr / St Augustine Dr & Franklin Blvd

12           E. Stockton Blvd & Hampton Oak Dr

13           E Stockton Blvd & Market Place 99

14           Elk Grove-Florin Rd & 2nd Av

15           Elk Grove-Florin Rd & Valley Oak Ln

16           Elk Grove-Florin Rd & W. Camden Dr

17           Elk Grove Blvd & Emerald Oak Dr

18           Elk Grove Blvd & Williamson Dr

19           Franklin Blvd & Laguna Park Dr

20           Franklin Blvd & Laguna Woods Dr / Millstone Dr

21           Grant Line Rd & Wilton Rd

22           Laguna Gateway & W. Stockton Blvd

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