Elk Grove Police raid 6 more homes in illegal marijuana growing operations

Elk Grove Police raid 6 more homes in illegal marijuana growing operations


On Wednesday, Elk Grove police officers served search warrants on six more homes in the city of Elk Grove, and arrested two individuals associated with the illegal growing operations.  Detectives recovered over 4100 plants and 305 pounds of processed marijuana.  Two Elk Grove residents were arrested, 44 year old De Zheng and 31 year old Lina Chu.  Both are being held without bail at this time.





Addresses of the homes that were part of the illegal growing operations:


9400 block of Daniels Ct.,

9200 block of Trout Way,

8800 block of Boysenberry Way,

9600 block of Amber Waves Way,

9100 block of Grantline Rd.

2200 block of Heger Way


Previous arrests for illegal operations. Total of 46 homes including this latest arrest.


September 9, 2017 Elk Grove police arrest 5 for indoor marijuana growing 4 homes

November 2, 2017 Elk Grove police arrest four in marijuana growing operation at five Elk Grove homes

December 14, 2017  Elk Grove police arrest 7 people in pot busts at 6 locations

December 21, 2017  Two arrested in marijuana growing operation spanning seven homes in Elk Grove

January 5, 2018  Elk Grove Police arrest Modesto man in Elk Grove pot house bust

January 10, 2018  Four more Elk Grove homes searched in illegal marijuana growing operation  4 homes

January 18, 2018   Elk Grove Police arrest 6 in illegal marijuana growing operations at 4 homes

February 4, 2018  Elk Grove police arrest Elk Grove man in illegal pot operation, CPS takes 5 kids

February 8, 2018  Elk Grove police bust two more pot homes


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