Elk Grove woman shines bright in male dominated profession

Elk Grove woman shines bright in male dominated profession


This week I talked to Micha Zamora, long time Elk Grove resident, local business owner and new mom and about her passion for being fit.  Many of you may have seen Micha at local night clubs and events singing with her dad’s band, Innersoul.  That was just her hobby.


Since 2010, Micha Zamora has been operating, managing and coaching at one of the most successful strength and conditioning gyms in Elk Grove. In a male-dominated field, she has been able to shine as one of the most effective community leaders & business owners in our City. She gave birth to her son Myles on December of 2016. She worked and worked out during her entire pregnancy. On top of all that, she has simultaneously competed in CrossFit, olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. She has competed on the national stage packed with the top athletes in the country.

As a testament to her commitment to health, she has also never smoked a cigarette or done drugs and does not drink alcohol. She is a modern-day Wonder Woman and exemplary of someone who embodies health and fitness.

Recently, the position of Health and Fitness Coordinator for The City of Elk Grove has become available. This is a job that will be a perfect fit for her and more importantly a perfect fit for our City. Micha will be throwing her name into the hat in an effort to make a change for the history of Elk Grove. To our knowledge, no woman has ever been hired for this position. This would be a great way to have a strong female leader in our City but also shine light in an area that would help more women like her be acknowledged for all the positive work they are doing in the City of Elk Grove and beyond.

Here is a video of Micha training while pregnant.



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