County Board of Supervisors to decide on controversial Lot P near Elk Grove border

County Board of Supervisors to decide on controversial Lot P near Elk Grove border


Elk Grove Laguna News was contacted by a group of concerned citizens that live near the proposed development known as Lot P, near the intersection of Calvine and Excelsior Roads. The information below was provided by the group. 


Lot P as it is known is the open space at Calvine and Excelsior in the south county of Sacramento. This became open space in 1991 per mitigation to build the large Silver Springs Community.


Through the adopted resolution by the Supervisors in 1991 all party’s settled on an agreement to keep Lot P open space “forever”. According to Sac County Officials the resolution did not take the property title away from AKT (Angelo Tsakopoulos) and the county’s belief is the lot is “unencumbered and buildable but not morally right”.  At the time of the resolution, there were not all of the conservancy organizations in place to give the land to so the resolution was the best solution at the time. The community expectation was that this would remain open space and many of the Silver Springs residents paid lot premiums to be next to Lot P with full expectation it would remain open space forever.


There is currently a proposal by AKT that has made its way to the Supervisors meeting to be heard on March 21st at 3pm. The current proposed project is asking for the 91 acre Lot P to be rezoned and amend the community plan from the current 2 acre zoning to a 1 acre. It will also have a comprehensive plan amendment and a special development permit to allow clustering the dwellings to 48 – ½ acre lots on the Calvine and Excelsior corner using about 41 acres for the proposed development. The remaining 50 acres would go into a conservancy for permanent open space. They also are asking for the paragraphs in the resolution that restrict the use of Lot P to open space be stricken from the resolution.  AKT says they never intended to not be able to build on the lot, although they agreed to the resolution at the time to be able to move forward on a large Silver Springs development.


The concerns the community are voicing is first and foremost the loss of open space that the community had full expectation was to remain. Second is the concern that the density of the dwellings in the middle of a rural area. If you were to draw a circle around the proposed development, the lots on one side are one acre existing silver springs lots and on all other sides the lots are 2 acre and larger as well as the rural Elk Grove zone to the south. The developer is laughingly calling this compatible with the existing community. The third is the lack of any proposed or recommended improvements to Calvine and Excelsior roads and the intersection.


In spring of 2017 the Vineyard CPAC as well as 65 plus community members came out to hear about the proposed project. The CPAC voted 6-0 to decline the project. The county planner on the project also recommended denial at the planning commission meeting on Dec 11, 2017. The Planning commission voted against both CPAC and county in a 3-1 vote to move the project forward to the supervisors citing the only reason was to not kick the can down the road any longer. It is now resting with the Supervisors to make the final decision at the March 21st meeting at 3pm in the Supervisors Chambers at 700 H street down town.


We are asking all concerned residents show up at the meeting on March 21 and ask the Board of Supervisors to turn down the project.

You are also encouraged to contact the Board of Supervisors

Phil Serna SupervisorSerna@saccounty.net  (916) 874-5485

Patrick Kennedy   SupervisorKennedy@saccounty.net  (916) 874-5481

Susan Peters  susanpeters@saccounty.net  (916) 874-5471

Sue Frost  SupervisorFrost@saccounty.net (916) 874-5491

Don Nottoli nottolid@saccounty.net (916) 874-5465



map of Lot P


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