Students in the Elk Grove Unified School District participate in nationwide walkout

Students in the Elk Grove Unified School District participate in nationwide walkout


Om Wednesday. students throughout the Elk Grove Unified School District participated in a nationwide walkout over school safety in the wake of the most recent school shooting in Florida where 17 people were killed.  The schools all developed their own plan on how to deal with the day’s events. The walkout was scheduled for 10 am and was to last approximately 17 minutes. Some schools met in the quad area. Some schools walked around the school campus.  Pleasant Grove High School students, led by Principal Meyer exited the school and walked peacefully around the perimeter of the campus before returning to school.


Elsewhere in the district, around 100 students from Cosumnes Oaks High School left campus without permission and marched towards Bartholomew Sports Park for a prearranged meeting with Franklin High students.  The COHS students peacefully marched under the watchful eye of the Elk Grove Police Department the Elk Grove Unified School District police services.


Once they arrived at the park they met on the field, forming a circle and holding hands. Shortly after that, the students walked to Franklin High School where they caused some disruption at the school.  According to witnesses they were banging on the walls of the school and the fence, encouraging Franklin students to jump the fence. Some students did. Teachers and students at Franklin reported that classes were disrupted. Some kids texted their parents they were afraid. Eventually the COHS students returned to campus.


Elk Grove Laguna Forums covered yesterday’s events on Facebook with a live video of the PGHS walk out and several live videos and posts regarding the COHS walkout. Comments from residents were mixed on the walkout with some defending the walkout and others questioning the motives behind it.


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