Elk Grove resident Koi Rivers kicks off campaign for CSD Board

Elk Grove resident Koi Rivers kicks off campaign for CSD Board


Earlier this evening Koi Rivers kicked off her campaign for the Cosumnes Community Services District (CSD) Board of Directors at Lola’s Lounge Restaurant in Elk Grove.


Rivers was introduced by Elk Grove City Council member Stephanie Nguyen who said she asked Rivers to the run for the board position because she was so impressed by her passion for wanting to help the community.  Nguyen also said the Rivers was “running for the right reasons”.


Rivers spoke a little about her background and why she decided to run for the CSD Board.  She talked about how she enjoys helping the community she has lived in for 14 years.  She also touched on the various boards she is currently part of.  Rivers is a huge advocate of the arts and believes she can use that passion to bring some new energy to the CSD and bridge the gap between the City and the Elk Grove School District.


Rivers has been endorsed by four of the five Elk Grove City Council members, Darren Suen, Stephanie Nguyen, Pat Hume and Steve Detrick.


The CSD Board is elected “at large”. That means that anyone can run from anywhere in the district, which is actually larger than the City of Elk Grove and includes the area between Elk Grove and Galt, as well as the city of Galt.  Two of the five board positions are up for election this fall. The top two vote getters from all the candidates will be sworn in as board members.  So far four candidates have declared they are running, Rod Brewer, Jerry Braxmeyer, Jaclyn Moreno and Koi Rivers.


The CSD is responsible for the parks in the district as well as providing fire protection and emergency medical services. For more information on the CSD, visit their website, www.yourcsd.com


Rivers speaking at the kickoff this evening

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