Apple unveils new iOS 12, other features to be released this fall

Apple unveils new iOS 12 to be released this fall



On Monday, Apple unveiled the next version of its mobile operating system, iOS 12 at their World Wide Developer Conference.  The software will be used on Apple’s mobile products, the iPhone and iPad.


One of important new features is something the company says will actually help you use their products less. Apple is addressing concerns and criticism that tech products are causing people to become to addicted to their mobile devices.  Users can set time limits on how much time they spend on various apps.  Parents can also set limits for their kids as well.  The app will let the user know how much time they have left. You can also get a weekly report on how much time you spend on an app.


Apple’s new iOS will be available to devices built from 2013 to the present day.  On older devices apps will load faster than on iOS 11.  Performance will be improved across all devices.


Apple is also adding Augmented Reality (AR) to use on more devices.  A new app called “Measure” will be available that uses AR.  You can use the app to measure objects or spaces.  Want to know how the size of a box, or a room? The app can give you the measurements.  AR will also be used in other apps and gaming.


The Photos app will be updated to add better search options, and an “on this day” feature that will allow you to see photos taken on this day.  The app will also suggest photos that you can share with others who appear in your photos.


iOS 12 adds more features to Siri by adding shortcuts.  Also Siri will offer more suggestions based on your previous uses.  If you’re running late for a meeting or appointment, Siri will suggest you call or text the person you are running late.  You can add custom shortcuts linked to custom phrases.  For example if you can use Siri shortcuts to get to or from work to help you avoid traffic.  Just tell Siri, “heading to work” and your map will automatically route you to route using Apple maps.  Then you can also add more info to the shortcuts.  Let’s say you like to listen to a specific radio station on the way to work, you can add that in as well and Siri will play that station while giving you directions to work.


iOS 12 also brings group Facetime. You can Facetime up to 32 people at one time.  In a group text message, you can go from a group text message to a group facetime call with one touch.


Apple Watch will also get a new OS, WatchOS5.  Apple Watch will have a new feature called Walkie Talkie.  You can talk to another Apple Watch user just by using your Apple Watch. It will not be available to Apple Watch First Edition users.  WatchOS5 will also add other new features as well such as improved Siri.  Starting today users can add a new Apple Watch face and band for Pride Month.


Apple TV 4K also gets an update that will allow it to work better with Apple devices. Improved Siri features, better sound with Dolby Atmos, and better coordination with apps available to Apple TV.


Mac users will get an update with macOS Mojave.  Improved desktop features. A feature called “dark mode” that puts your Mac into a black background for night time use.  Improved usage of screen shots and the ability to edit screen shots more easily. Better interface with mobile devices. You can use your phone as a scanner.


Apple is expected to release new versions of the iPhone and iPad later this fall at at the same time that iOS 12 is released.

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