Elk Grove to expand left turn lanes at two Laguna Blvd locations

Elk Grove to expand left turn lanes at two Laguna Blvd locations


At the City Council meeting tonight, the council is expected to approve spending money to expand the left turn lanes at two locations on Laguna Blvd that often get so backed up that traffic blocks the other lanes.


The left turn lane from westbound Laguna to southbound Laguna Park, by Taco Bell, will be extended farther to the east to allow more vehicles into the left turn lane.


Also the left turn pocket area for eastbound Laguna to Franklin Blvd will be expanded to allow more vehicles in the turn lanes and help prevent blocking the eastbound Laguna traffic lanes.   In addition, the Left Turn Pocket Extension – Eastbound Laguna Boulevard at Franklin Boulevard Project will provide Bike Route signage for cyclists traveling eastbound on Laguna Boulevard to provide an alternate route around the Franklin Boulevard intersection.


Both projects will be constructed this summer.



This also shows a safer route for bicyclists to avoid the Franklin/Laguna intersection



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  1. Fatandcrabby says:

    Elk Grove Public Works needs to hire someone that can program the signals. Nearly all of them are stupid long. I can’t even count the times that I have had to wait at red lights for an inordinate amount of time after all cross traffic has passed.
    Furthermore there is no reason that lights on main thoroughfares like Laguna / Bond, Elk Grove Blvd, Calvine and Bruceville can’t be synchronized to allow for minimal stops.
    I drive approximately 130 miles daily throughout the extended Sacramento area and no other cities signals are as dumb as ours.

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