Pat Hume kicks off 2018 re-election campaign

Pat Hume kicks off 2018 re-election campaign


Earlier this evening Elk Grove City Council member Pat Hume kicked off his 4th and according to him, final race for city council. Hume who was elected in 2006 is seeking to become the longest serving City Council member in the young history of the city of Elk Grove.  Jim Cooper, who was one of the original 5 elected in 2000, served for 14 years before leaving to serve in the California State Assembly in 2014. Hume is running in City Council District 2.


Prior to running for city council, Hume served as a planning commissioner from 2000 to 2006. His experience as a planning commissioner, as well as serving on several local boards, including Regional Transit, Capital Southeast Connector Joint Powers Authority and LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission) has made Hume one of the area’s leaders on transit and development in the area, as well giving the city of Elk Grove a seat at the table on the influential boards.


In his remarks to supporters tonight, Hume touched on several key issues.

  • Why did he run for city council in 2006? Hume said the original city council wasn’t treating his hometown the way it ought to be treated in his opinion.
  • Hume talked about accomplishments during his tenure, including small things like repairing the sound wall on East Stockton Blvd along highway 99 that was an eye sore. Extending the 35 mph zone through Sheldon to slow traffic down. Larger issues like the Southeast Connector, building the Aquatic Center, a new animal control center, and the community/civic center. Hume cited these larger issues as a reason he is running for another term, so that he can see the projects through fruition.
  • Hume also talked about how the city council is elected. A few activists have pushed to change how the council is elected and Hume related how changing the process would take the city back in time to when it was a part of the county and residents didn’t have a say in who was elected.


Hume has been endorsed by three of his colleagues on the city council, Vice Mayor Darren Suen, Steve Detrick and Stephanie Nguyen. Suen is running for mayor and Nguyen is running to retain the city council seat she was appointed to in 2017.


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