Q & A with Koi Rivers CSD Board Candidate

Q & A with Koi Rivers CSD Board Candidate


This November residents in the Cosumnes Community Services District will elect two people for the board of directors. The district covers Elk Grove and Galt. It covers parks in Elk Grove and fire protection for both cities. Koi Rivers is one of the four candidates that are running for the two spots.


A. How long have you lived in Elk Grove and what brought you here?
My family moved to Elk Grove 14 years ago. I chose to lay roots and raise my children in a
community much like my own on the Monterey Peninsula: safe, family-friendly, small-town feel
with a culture-rich atmosphere, with amazing schools. I chose Elk Grove not just for a place to
live, but a community for my family to thrive.


B. What is your background?
For nearly two decades, I’ve worked with businesses, non-profits, and communities on strategies
and programs that help them thrive. After a long career as a marketing and communications
manager for VSP Global, I started the Koi Rivers Experience, a strategic marketing and
communications consultancy, serving large and small business and non-profits. 
A strong supporter of the arts and health/wellness advocacy, I currently serve as a board director
for two non-profit organizations: Sacramento Theatre Company, the oldest professional theatre
and School of the Arts in the Sacramento region; and TLCS, which provides housing and
resources to folks struggling with mental illness.


C. What prompted you to run for the CSD board?
Gary Zukav’s book, “The Seat of the Soul,” proved to me how my intentions directly impact my
outcomes. I don’t have a political background or agenda. I’m a community builder. Serving with a
focus on safety, health and wellness, and community enrichment has been and always will be my

Here’s the cherry on top: running for the Cosumnes CSD Board is a perfect parallel to who I am
and what I want my outcomes to be:

  • Focus on public safety, health, and wellness
  • Establish a bustling arts and culture community
  • Develop pathways for education and career

Every day, I’m committed to serving the needs of ALL people, both professionally and civically.
Ultimately, this is why I decided to run. This will only deepen as an elected woman, trusted and
placed by my community.


D. The CSD oversees parks and the fire department. Both are highly regarded by the community.
What do you think that you can bring to the board?
What I love most about the Cosumnes CSD is that it encompasses the two areas that keep us
safe and happy: fire/emergency services, and the parks/recreation district. As a community, we
need to feel both safe and happy to truly thrive.

Not only do I have a people-first approach, I value and understand the importance of sustaining
business vitality through healthy planning, forecasting, budgeting, and economic development.

As a small business owner and non-profit board director, I can effectively leverage my leadership,
experience, and passion for community to best serve as a Cosumnes CSD Board Director.


E. What areas would you like to focus more on?

My platform is centered on enriching our community. I’ve prepared a 3-point plan that will yield
results in my first term, when elected:

1. Focus on public safety, health, and wellness

  • Our community has experienced exponential growth, and we're expected to
    amass 225k+ people by 2028. I will be certain that foundationally we’re prepared
    so that our residents—our greatest resources—are safe and protected when it
    matters the most.

2. Establish a bustling arts and culture community

  • I have the knowledge, experience, and relationships to make Elk Grove a city
    rich in the arts and to establish dynamic programming.

3. Develop pathways for education and career

  • Through partnerships with Elk Grove and Galt school districts, and local unions,
    trades, and apprenticeship programs, we'll expand vocational opportunities and
    exposure to careers in the fire department and within CSD to students and


F. What have you learned during this process?

Here’s what I’ve learned from our community that is so profound: when it comes right down to it,
we have more in common than not. No matter our race, ethnicity, religion, or political affiliations,
we all want the same things: safety, security, opportunity, and happiness.

I am proud to receive the support and endorsement of electeds and community leaders from
across the board. This affirms that I’m the candidate for ALL people.

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