SMUD to begin charging more for peak usage

SMUD to begin charging more for peak usage


SMUD has announced that it will begin charging more for peak time usage during the hours of 5-8 pm all year round.  During the Winter time period, October 1 – May 31, the other 21 hours will be charged the same.  Peak time costs will be 38% higher than non peak usage. During the summer time period SMUD will have 3 different rate tiers based on time of day.  Off peak will be midnight to noon.  Mid peak will be 12-5 pm and 8pm to 12 am. Peak time usage will be 240% higher than off peak, and 75% higher than mid peak.  SMUD customers will gradually be added to the program between now and next May.

Electric vehicle owners: Register your EV on My Account to receive a 1.5¢ charging credit on all electric usage between midnight and 6 AM



Overall winter rates will lower under the new rate program and summer rates will be higher. How can you can save money? Avoid using unnecessary electricity between 5-8 pm.

How much do appliances cost to use? Bases on SMUD’s summer rates, here are some examples

Your AC will cost about 93 cents per hour during peak time, 52 cents during mid peak and 38 cents during off peak.

Your washing machine will cost about 25 cents, 14 cents and 10 cents per hour during the three different tiers.

Your dryer is going to cost you a lot more to use during peak time, with an average cost of $1.11 per hour. 63 cents during mid peak and 46 cents during off peak.

A dishwasher will cost 33 cents during peak time and then 19 cents during mid peak and 14 cents during off peak.

Go ahead and use that ceiling fan. That will only cost you 2 cents per hour during peak time.

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