Cosumnes Fire conducting live structure fire training, November 27 – December 8

Cosumnes Fire conducting live structure fire training, November 27 – December 8




Cosumnes Fire Department to Conduct Live Structure Fire Training Burns

Elk Grove, Calif. – The City of Elk Grove has partnered with the Cosumnes CSD Fire Department to offer live fire training within structures that are scheduled for immediate demolition.

Live fire training burns are scheduled to occur Nov. 27 through Dec. 8, weekdays during the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Poppy Ridge and Kammerer Roads.

Property purchased on Kammerer Road (approx. 4 acres) will provide for drainage improvements along the Shed “C” Channel and detention basins. Property purchased on Poppy Ridge Road (approx. 25 acres) will accommodate the extension of Lotz Parkway.

Cosumnes Fire Department’s Training Division and State Certified Instructors will manage the structure burn by the controlled lighting of fires in the prepared rooms. This experience will help firefighters gain insight into fire behavior, the effects of fire on structural integrity, the difficulties of searching in a smoke-filled environment, as well as recognize their effectiveness of fire attack techniques.

Extensive precautions have been taken to ensure the community is not placed at any risk as a result of these training fires.

This training is being conducted with the approval of the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District (SMAQMD) and the State Fire Marshal’s Office Division of Training.

The training will be postponed if weather and other conditions do not conform to the Fire Department’s standard operating procedures for such exercises, or if air quality levels do not meet the guidelines for public health set by SMAQMD.

Firefighters will be burning throughout the day, which may produce a large amount of smoke. In an effort to reduce the amount of smoke in your residence and/or business, make sure to keep doors and windows shut during hours of burning. Do not call 911 to report fire at the burn location when firefighters are present.

No street closures are planned during the training burns. Nearby residents, schools and businesses have been properly notified.

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