Elk Grove police officer involved in shooting

Elk Grove police officer involved in shooting

Shortly after 11 am Thursday morning, an Elk Grove police officer was involved in a shooting incident just outside the city limits.

According Elk Grove Police Department Public Information Officer Jason Jimenez, two EGPD motor officers were riding together in a cruiser when they encountered a man walking in the 8000 block of Orchard Loop Lane. The officers approached the man who had an item in his hands. At some point during the interaction the subject raised the item up and one of the officers discharged his weapon. The subject was not hit and immediately surrendered and was taken into custody.

The incident happened in Sacramento County, and the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department will handling the investigation. According to Sheriff’s Spokesman, Sgt. Shaun Hampton, the officer will be placed on leave pending the investigation per EGPD guidelines.

The Sheriff department is still investigating. Hampton said that the item the subject had is a believed to be a lighter, similar to the kind that has a trigger on it. That item was found at the scene.

Full press briefing from EGPD PIO Jason Jimenez and Sacramento Sheriff Sgt Shaun Hampton.

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  1. it’s like in the movie casino. Nikki’s partner Blue gets shot by the cops and all he had in his hand was a hero sandwich

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