Elk Grove’s Holiday Parade of Lights faces cancellation

The annual Elk Grove Holiday Parade of Lights could face being cancelled unless another group steps up to oversee it. The parade has grown in viewers over the years and that has led to increased liability and the need to increase security. The parade has been sponsored by the Old Town Elk Grove Foundation. The foundation announced today that it would not be able to continue putting on the parade. The decision will not affect the annual Dickens Faire that takes place earlier in the day.


Old Town Elk Grove Foundation Relinquishes Dickens Parade of Lights

ELK GROVE, CA, March 7   Each year following the Elk Grove Dickens Faire on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, the Old Town Elk Grove Foundation, through the work of a small group of volunteers produces the Holiday Parade of Lights.  The parade originally made its way through Old Town but in recent years has been moved to begin on Elk Grove Florin and end at Walnut Avenue.

With this move came a drastic increase in spectators and in the last couple of years, the danger arising from the larger crowds has also increased.  Each year in planning sessions, the Foundation, along with the police department and other city staff discuss how to provide a safe and fun experience.

The Old Town Elk Grove Foundation announced today that rising insurance costs, liability and safety concerns have become too great for such a small non-profit to endure.  “We are saddened by our need to surrender this beloved event,” said Angela Perry, President of the Old Town Foundation’s Board of Trustees, “however, we are in an insurmountable position.  The liability is just too great for this organization to withstand.”

The foundation hopes that another organization or organizations may choose to take the reigns and continue the parade.  The Dickens Street Faire will continue in its current form.

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