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Grade Power Learning
9261 Laguna Springs Way #120
Elk Grove, Ca 95758

GradePower uses cognitive learning techniques to help children develop more effective ways of thinking, concentrating, listening and remembering.

Our cognitive approach to learning, designed by educational experts, is based on proven scientific research into how children actually learn. Learning is not about memorizing facts. It’s about knowing, really understanding, how to integrate and retain new information.

GradePower goes beyond tutoring, to help ignite a child’s interest in learning, not just for one school year, but for a lifetime.

Gunlady Defensive Firearms Training
3987 Missouri Flat Rd STE 340-362
Firearms Training for Personal protection. CCW and Home Defense. Basic handgun class, plus private classes.

Handgun training for all seeking to learn how to protect themselves whether it is at home or out on the streets. Conduct concealed carry classes, home defense and private hands-on classes. Conduct Intuitive Focus shooting classes. If you are looking to learn how to shoot handguns and don’t have one they are available in all of the classes.

5713 Marconi BLVD, Suite C, Carmichael, CA
Behind-the-wheel driver’s training and online education.

Referral Driving School offers superior behind-the-wheel driver’s training with over 25 years of experience! Train with the best! Friendly, professional, and patient instructors! 99% DMV pass rate! Unbeatable prices! Get started driving for only $54. For program information and scheduling, go to www.newdriver.com, or call (916) 729-4771. Ask to train with Rob, Pam, or Drea. FREE ONLINE EDUCATION!

916 729-4771
The Serendipity Center
10481 Grant Line Rd. Suite 130
Elk Grove, CA
We offer small group classes and camps for children ages 4-18 in the Elk Grove and greater Sacramento area. During the school year, we offer classes to homeschoolers. This summer, we are offering five sessions of summer camps!

The Serendipity Center for Leadership and Learning is a place where students gather for small-group classes that spark creative genius, foster independent thinking, and inspire a lifelong love of learning. Carefully selected mentors help students gain confidence, seek knowledge, and explore new ideas in a positive and uplifting environment.

To build a community of families who desire outstanding educational experiences for their children in a safe, well-rounded, and unique learning environment.

To create a place for students to be encouraged, enriched, and inspired via wholesome, high-quality classes and activities.

To employ mentors who are passionate, motivating, and understanding of each child’s learning style and needs. Mentors help children discover their unique gifts and talents and empower them to reach their full potential. They help foster love of learning by teaching children to think outside the box and to view failure as a stepping stone to success.

To instill a sense of integrity, confidence and compassion in each student in a safe, nurturing environment.

To complement and enhance the learning that takes place at home and in other areas of the student’s life.

To be flexible and open to changes that will help improve our offerings as we grow and evolve. We welcome input and recommendations that align with our vision and help fulfill our mission.

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