Elk Grove Laguna Forums Business Marketing Partners

Elk Grove Laguna Forums Business Marketing Partners

The current business partners. Schedule posts for between 8 am and 8 pm.  Mix it up to reach different audiences.

Try to share the phone numbers if you can. People are too lazy to actually look for things.  More important for the businesses that are mobile like handyman, Keep moving mama, and photographer etc



Photos by Christina   share page and some posts. She posts specials sometimes for upcoming holidays or she does events.  If she has an event or upcoming session, share that leading up to the event.


Nova Tech Floor facebook or their website – http://novatechfloors.com



Hokee Poke   Share page and some posts


A Child’s Place Pre School  – she posts quite a bit



Phil & Paul’s Plumbing  Facebook Page 


Law Offices of Jonathan Stein  share page and phone number, check for posts worth sharing





Keep Moving Mama   She does some events and posts. if there’s an event, share that or an interesting post she has.


Rendezvous Winery  events, page and posts





Elk Grove Muay Thai Academy     Page and posts


Jenni Theis Realtor  Facebook page   or website 


Twin Termite and pest control  Look for posts but from what I saw, there wasn’t much to share there, so share their website too, https://twintermite.com/  They offer 3 services, Maybe rotate between the 3. Copy and paste the website for whichever service. Say “twin termite does pest control….” then share the corresponding link, etc.

Pest Control,  https://twintermite.com/pest-control/

Termite Inspections   https://twintermite.com/termite-inspections/

Home Inspections  https://twintermite.com/home-inspections/



Dental Monkey Teeth Cleaning for Pets  page and phone number


Bellanika Boutique Facebook page



Freddie’s Handyman Services      (916) 216-8025  share page and phone number – They never post so just share and tag the page.


Crystal Plumbing   Look For posts  if none then share page and phone number  209-369-0854.  Share the website once a month http://www.crystalplumbinglodi.com/




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