5 yr old girl dies from being forced to drink soda

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    Bet these morons never heard of water toxicity? They ought to get the death penalty. The little girl was so cute.

    Alexa Linboom was blue and unresponsive with “an abnormal body posture that indicates severe brain damage,” according to the autopsy, which was completed in July 2013.

    SURGIONSVILLE, Tenn. — An East Tennessee couple faces a murder charge, accused of forcing the man’s 5-year-old daughter to drink more than 2 liters of grape soda and water, causing her brain to swell and rupture, authorities said.

    According to the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office and the autopsy report, Alexa Linboom was brought in to the emergency room on Jan. 1, 2012, by her father, Randall Vaughn, and his wife, Mary Vaughn.

    The girl was blue and unresponsive with “an abnormal body posture that indicates severe brain damage,” according to the autopsy, which was completed in July 2013.

    The Vaughns were arrested on Wednesday and were being held at the Hawkins County Jail on a $500,000 bond each. Officials did not know whether the Vaughns had hired an attorney. Their arraignment was scheduled for Friday morning.

    An investigation revealed the girl had been forced to drink approximately 2.4 liters of water and soda over one to two hours as punishment. The massive intake of fluid caused her brain to swell and herniate.

    According to the autopsy, when she was forced to drink all that liquid, she began vomiting, urinated on herself and asked to take a bath.

    Mary Lavonne Vaughn & Randall Lee VaughnHawkins County Sheriff’s Office

    Mary Lavonne Vaughn & Randall Lee Vaughn.

    “Outside of the bathtub, she tried to eat oatmeal with assistance then started clenching her hands.” She arrived at the hospital about 2 to 3 hours later.

    “Caretakers told hospital staff that during the ride to the hospital, she sat up in the vehicle and played patty cake,” according to the autopsy.

    She was transported by air to a regional hospital where she was pronounced brain dead two days later.

    The autopsy states that the girl had moved to Tennessee to live with her father about three months before her death. The move was prompted by allegations of neglect at her previous home.

    A pediatric check-up about three months before her death had shown no significant problems. She was taken to an outpatient clinic about a month before her death for excessive thirst, urination and eating, but nothing was found to be wrong with her.

    According to the autopsy, “Other adults who had regular contact with the child before and after her move to Tennessee describe her as a normal, healthy child and did not notice any unusual eating, drinking habits and that she did not wet her pants at school.”

    An obituary for the child said, “Some of the things that brought enjoyment to her life was coloring, playing with her Barbie dolls, her love of animals, but her most joy came when playing with her brothers and sisters.”

    Tennessee Department of Children’s Services spokesman Rob Johnson confirmed that Alexa had lived in the home with five other children, some of whom were siblings and some of whom were half-siblings. The other children were removed from the house in Feb. 2013 and remain in DCS custody.

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    I wonder how many fewer morons there would be in the world if we did not pay them to breed…

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    That’s where you should have to pass a test to have kids. There two types of people who struggle with money and trying to make it. There are the ones who mean well, who are essentially good people and good parents, but financially will always piss it away as soon as they get it. Sometimes their kids can learn from their parent’s mistakes and be successful or more successful. I’ve seen that happen. Then there are the leeches and the ones who are losers who will raise their kids to be losers and keep perpetuating that.

    My wife has a thing she keeps telling our nephews, nieces and any young people she sees. Don’t get married until 30, don’t have kids until 35. If more did that, we would have a lot less problems. Not that everyone who gets married early and has kids early is doing it wrong, but I think times have changed so much in the last 20 years. I really think people shouldn’t get married until they are 30. I know a lot of couples who got married in their early 20’s and then had kids and then in their mid 30’s things started happening. They missed out on their youth and then decide to start going out and stuff. That age of 35-40 seems to be a time when people have their mid life crisis issues.

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    My daughter is 11, my son just turned 6. I turned 30 when I was pregnant with my daughter, and I was given some pamphlets on health concerns for pregnancy for an “older woman”. I kid you not. With my son, I turned 35 within a few weeks of getting pregnant, and despite being totally healthy, I was constantly counseled on being higher risk due to my age, and it was recommended I go through all kinds of testing of the fetus. When one place called with the results, I was told “I must have the eggs of a much younger woman”. Again-I was 35. Waiting until 35 isn’t always a great idea.

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    Is 35 still that much of a risk or is that based on what it used to be?

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    I have no idea, but my son just turned 6, so it wasn’t that long ago.

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    I was considered HIGH RISK when I had Braeden at 43. The nurses and one doctor I had at kaiser actually told me not to get excited because chances are I wasn’t going to carry him to term. WTH???

    Anyways, this story makes me sick.

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    35 and older is considered advanced maternal age. Each year beyond 35 brings increased risks.

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    @EGL Admin 92391 wrote:

    Is 35 still that much of a risk or is that based on what it used to be?

    As I understand it the risks to the mother are greatly reduced compared to what they used to be, but the genetic error risks are still up there. The odds for a Downs baby go up as the mother gets older, for example. Genetic errors sometimes get detected internally and miscarriage can result, so the risk to the mother-to-be isn’t zero.

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