Auburn Police embrace using Waze App

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    Some police agencies were critical of the Waze app because they felt that criminals could use it to keep tabs on police and even use it to attack them. The Auburn Police Dept is taking a different view and is using the app themselves.
    I used it on our trips to LA, but I don’t ever think about using it around here.

    Do you use the Waze app around the Sacramento area? Does it help you?


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    I use it weekdays without fail. It has saved me MANY standstills on the freeway.

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    Use it every day. Helps us choose which 80 to take coming down from Auburn each morning on the way to work.

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    I use it during the weekdays to avoid trouble spots to and from work. Also, I found it a tad bit better than Google for driving directions. Sometimes Google makes you drive in a huge circle.

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