Bad Service at Theme Parks (Food)

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      We took our kids to Discovery Kingdom on Saturday, and I was appalled at the horrible service at most of the food vendors in the park. My husband waited in line for over 30 minutes to get a grilled chicken sandwich. There were only 5 people ahead of him in line! As I thought about it, I realized that it’s a common occurrence at theme parks. I’ve even noticed this at Disneyland. Do you suppose the slow service is because the customers don’t really have a choice once in the park? There isn’t really any competition, because park patrons have to eat, so those vendors are pretty much guaranteed business no matter how slow their service is?

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      I think the service is far worse at Discovery Kingdom that other theme parks. The employees just don’t care. They don’t even attempt to look as if they are hurrying even though the lines are long, and many times only half the food places are open. Additionally, there always seems to be one or two employees in each booth that do nothing but stand around. Disney lets you bring in outside food and at least attempts to be friendly, smile, and move people through quickly. Discovery Kingdom is horrible. After out last visit in October for a cheer competition they emailed me a survey to fill out regarding my visit. I know nothing will come of it, but I game them the poorest scores for everything service related. I remember it was hot that day, and all the lines-even to just refill a drink cup-were close to an hour long.

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      Disney seems to get people through pretty quickly because it is so crowded and they have to. Seems to work pretty well. Haven’t been to Discovery Kingdom in a long time. Once you go to Disneyland, other parks fail in comparison. Not as clean or as friendly.

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      Hence you only go to Disney Parks, and you try to have sit down meals with reservations…

      But yeah, work ethic is horrible…

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