Beware – Jack’s Urban Eats uses Latex Gloves

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    If you are allergic to Latex as my daughters are eating at Jack’s can literally kill you! Sadly, we have asked Jack’s to switch to non-latex gloves which are actually less expensive and much safer. People who are allergic to Latex react to the order, but more importantly will react to residue left on the food when touched by a worker wearing the gloves. This is no joke. Latex Alergy will put a person into anaphylactic shock which can cause death! This is very serious.

    I cannot understand why Jack’s won’t address this issue. I certainly hope that no one dies or has to go to the ER!

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    That is the most ridiculous post I’ve seen all year. ALL restaurants use food safe, latex gloves. If the allergy is that severe, it’s probably best not to serve your daughter commercially prepared food, but food you grow or raise yourself. You realize all the meat cutters use them as well, correct?

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