City of Elk Grove releases jobs report

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    The City of Elk Grove released a jobs report detailing the increase in jobs in the city since City hood in 2000. The city has improved, but still has a long way to go to be correct the jobs imbalance. At the State of the City luncheon tomorrow there is going to be an announcement of a tech employer coming to Elk Grove. No word yet on who it is. I am not sure it is the same company, but I heard from a source that it is a second level company. Not a major company like Apple etc, but a company that wants to expand and thinks it will be cheaper to do so here than Silicon Valley. That should be the target of the City. The second tier companies. This is the plan with SEPA, to lure some major employers there. The city has brought in state jobs, but those are relocations and not new jobs and not jobs that residents are getting unless they are already in those departments. Getting more non government jobs that more people can apply for would be a better situation for the residents here. In my opinion the Apple expansion, unless they have changed their model, is more minimum wage, temp jobs. While better than nothing, that isn’t really helping the city residents who will be working for 3-6 months and then collecting unemployment. We need permanent, non minimum wage jobs.

    Elk Grove, CA – Today, the City of Elk Grove released a report entitled Elk Grove Employment Dynamics – 2000 to 2013. The report, prepared on the City’s behalf by Sacramento-based consulting firm Economic & Planning Systems, Inc., shows a pattern of relatively steady growth in both business establishments and jobs across multiple industry sectors during the years studied, and a pattern of accelerated growth over the last four years of the study.

    Key findings of the study include the following:

    As of 2013 (the most recently available data from the data source used in the analysis), Elk Grove had 8,710 businesses and 44,806 jobs within the City limits.
    Since the City’s incorporation in 2000, to 2013, Elk Grove has added 6,603 businesses and 29,601 jobs, representing average annual growth of 508 businesses per year and 2,277 jobs per year.
    Annexation accounted for just 5% of business growth and 11% of jobs growth over the same time period.

    38% of job gains and 41% of business gains occurred between 2009 and 2013; meaning, approximately 40% of business and jobs gains happened over the final four years of the 13 years surveyed.
    Elk Grove’s Jobs-to-Housing Ratio stood at 0.86 in 2013, up from 0.66 in 2001.

    The City’s largest 25 employers comprise an estimated 15,392 jobs and account for 34.4% of total employment; 65% of Elk Grove businesses employ less than 150.
    The top five industry classifications driving jobs growth included ‘Education Services Healthcare and Social Assistance’ (7,111 jobs), ‘Retail Trade’ (6,294), ‘Administrative and Waste Services’ (3,661), ‘Professional Scientific and Technical Services’ (1,875), and ‘Accommodations and Food Services’ (1,651).

    The findings of the report were shared with the City Council at their regular meeting by the City’s Economic Development Director, Darrell Doan.

    “I think the numbers show that Elk Grove has done well, maybe better than expected, and that the City’s efforts to make doing business here simple and affordable have paid dividends. The gains we saw were not just in retail or hospitality, but across nearly all 20 industry categories analyzed, and annexation only accounted for a fraction of that growth. We still have much to do, but the City is making good progress toward diversifying its economy and becoming a jobs center” said Doan.

    The full report, Elk Grove Employment Dynamics – 2000 to 2013, is now available at

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    City Newsroom
    Elk Grove Releases Jobs Report

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