Communities with EXACT same house numbers?

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    Hi! I hope this is the right place to put it. I have been living in the new Rancho Verde community that was just built and have always wondered, but never asked about my situation. So my house and the house next to me on the street has the exact same house numbers, but different street name of course. In fact, the whole row of houses on one street has the exact same numbers as the houses on the other side of the street. For example (with fake addresses of course lol), there is a 12045 Sandy Road and 12045 Windy Road right next to each other! This makes it so I always get misdelivered mail and people who are contracted to come out to do work, get the wrong house.

    I was wondering what is the purpose of doing this, if any? It just irks me when there are millions of other number combinations to choose from… I know there are houses with the same house number, but it is usually in a different area. Maybe that is why I haven’t noticed because this is the third neighborhood I lived in. Just looking to see if anyone knows why! Thanks so much. 🙂

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    Same thing in my community/development. I always get mail for the identical house number but wrong street.

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    My EG neighborhood is like that too. The streets around us have the same house numbers as my street. I have occasionally gotten their mail. Not sure why it is set up that way.

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    I realize this forum is from September but thought I might be able to help. The County has established how addresses will be formatted county-wide. All addresses (with some exceptions) for north-south streets roughly start at the American River and go up from there based on distance from the river. The same (with some exceptions) for addresses east of the Sacramento river for streets going east-west.

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