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      There’s been a trend of people getting robbed after they leave a bank or a store and have taken cash. A couple of weeks ago a woman was robbed and last week a man was followed back to his house where he was robbed at gunpoint. If you withdraw money from the bank or get cash at a store, be careful and observe your surroundings.

      Also last week two teens robbed two sets of pedestrians at gunpoint in the Stonelake area.

      More details from the Elk Grove Citizen Police Report


      Crime Briefs

      Published: Friday, December 19, 2014 5:15 PM PST
      Two robbed in house

      An unknown man robbed two people at gunpoint in their home during the morning of Dec. 12. He reportedly struck one victim during the ordeal and he remains at large.

      This robbery occurred around 10:30 a.m. on the 5000 block of Krista Court in Laguna.

      Elk Grove police spokesperson Det. Josh Magdaleno said a 59-year-old man first came home and left the garage to take out garbage cans. The suspect then confronted him, took out a handgun, and ordered him to surrender his cash.

      Magdaleno said the gunman then forced the victim inside where he confronted a 37-year-old woman. She reportedly fled the house and tried to contact neighbors for help while the suspect took the other victim upstairs.

      Police reported the suspect then struck him with his gun before he stole an undisclosed amount of cash from a drawer. He then fled the scene on foot.

      Authorities describe the suspect as a black male who has a thin build, short hair, and wore a dark T-shirt, dark pants, and white shoes.

      Readers with information about the robbery can call the Elk Grove police at (916) 714-5115.

      Four teens arrested for alleged assault

      Elk Grove police arrested four teenagers for allegedly assaulting a 39-year-old man during an argument on Dec. 12.

      This incident happened around 8 p.m. on the 8800 block of Bond Road in central Elk Grove.

      The suspects, aged 15-17, were booked into juvenile hall on assault and conspiracy charges. Authorities did not release their names since they are minors.

      Elk Grove police spokesperson Det. Josh Magdaleno said the argument turned violent when one suspect punched the victim’s head. The rest of the suspects then allegedly joined the assault while the victim tried to resist them.

      Magdaleno said the suspects kept attacking the victim after he felt to the ground. They then ran away from him. Police later detained them and reported seeing the victim’s visible injuries.

      Five pedestrians robbed at gunpoint

      A pair of unknown teenagers robbed five pedestrians at gunpoint during the late evening of Dec. 13. No injuries were reported.

      The robberies began around 10:30 p.m. near the corner of Club Park and Swainson Hawk drives in the Stone Lake neighborhood.

      Elk Grove police spokesperson Det. Josh Magdaleno said the victims were walking down a street when the suspects confronted them. One took out a handgun and ordered them to surrender their belongings. The suspects then drove away in a dark vehicle after stealing the victims’ cell phones.

      Josh Magdaleno said the same suspects later robbed three teenage boys at gunpoint and drove away in the same car after stealing their property.

      Authorities describe one suspect as a black male in his late teens who stands six feet, three inches tall and weighs an estimated 180 pounds. He wore dark clothing. The other suspect is described as a black male in his late teens who stands five feet, six inches tall and weighs an estimated 200 pound. He also wore dark clothing.

      Readers with information about the robberies can call the Elk Grove police at (916) 714-5115.

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      Thanks for the info .. Im always aware of my surroundings.. I watch everyone around me.. When I go to the ATM I feel like my head is spinning on my shouders making sure that I’m not being watched….It is sad but It is what we have to do these days to be safe

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      You guys have more patience than I would with that s**t. That is BS having to put up with these criminals. And don’t say it happens everywhere, because it does not, at least with this regularity and in these nice neighborhoods.

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      I have nothing to say…

      It does happen everywhere, just not as much as it does in Elk Grove.

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      Run for the hills!!!

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      This is some scary sh.t.

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      It happens in areas that have people, residents or not, that don’t work, don’t go school, and are probably on government assistance. They have time on their hands and nothing better to do, and choose to destruct and inflict injury because they can. And we tolerate it, first in the state, and now in the nation. Are we at a tipping point, or have we let the liberals and their support and assistance programs go too far for too long to right the ship?

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      Drive thru ATM. The only way to go!

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      This is why I’m somewhat glad that Wells Fargo is inside Bel Air’s Get some cash, do some shopping, go home.

      I always change my routes up, just incase someone decides to follow me. I sometimes go thru areas where you never see many vehicle traffic.

      I have no idea why EG is getting to become bad.

      Is it because we have people moving here from the Bay Area (No Offense to anyone from the bay)
      We are in the middle of Stockton and Meadowview?
      Alot of the trouble have been teens, parents not caring where there kids are?

      I was browsing around EGPD website and saw that our crime rate has went down since 2007. 154 robberies in 07 while 2013 had 99.

      Also, is anyone’s Crimereports.com map updating?

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      I use the Crime Report app and the data is recent

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      We all get a little down sometimes when things happen around us. Easy cure for that–you could live in Stockton!

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      Good point LC.

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