Gilly’s Car Wash at The Sheldon Centre

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    Gilley’s Car & Dog Wash is fun, quick, and thorough. The cost is $16.00 for the Top Dog Wash, $12.00 for the Platinum Wash, and $8.00 for the Gold Wash. The best and cheapest way to go, is to purchase the Top Dog wash for $30.00 per month, every month. This way you have unlimited car washes that will wax your car with our rainbow shine, and Armour All your tires at the same time. With this great deal, you only pay $5.00 for every wash, if you wash your car every 6 days. The brushes are soft cloth, and gentle with your car. We treat your car with tender loving care as we prep your car for it’s soapy bath. Please be patient at the end so our 13 dryers can do their job. When your car exits, please proceed to our free vacuums, so you can vacuum the inside.

    For your information, we reclaim 87% of all the water with a very expensive reclamation system for a healthy, clean, and safe environment. We power everything with a massive solar system for a clean, healthy, and safe environment.

    Sheldon Centre is as Green as one can get!!

    When you are done with your car, you can take your loving dog into the dog wash for $10.00. Once you have your best friend in the dog wash, and connect the chain to his/her collar, you can rinse the dog with warm water, choose what kind of shampoo (I choose flea & tick shampoo), then rinse the shampoo off, then the part my dog loves the best, blow dry him with warm air until the ten minutes are up.

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