Healthy Habits and How We Set the Pace for Our Children

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    Good morning everyone, I was reading some articles on parenting and key roles we all play and this one hit home for me and wanted to share with other parents. I look forward to your feedback.


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    Those are good tips. We try to set examples for our kids. I run and/or walk almost every morning. My wife goes to the 3-5 days a week. Keeping the kids active is the key and sometimes we fail. We live in kind of the country so they can’t walk to a friends house, but they still do stuff with friends in the summer, not so much when school is in because everyone is so busy with activities. It is easy to let things slide and then next thing you know they have been doing video games 2-3 hours. Weekends are the hardest to keep them occupied.

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    Those are good tips, however, it is also a “No, Duh” type of tips. Ha ha. How can a parent tell their kids to eat healthy, if the parent is not eating healthy themselves. I don’t think parents realize the important role they play in their childrens lives. Kids learn by observations and actions. They are not ready to think. Offer a kid a choice between a bag of chips or banana, they will opt for the chips. I think most of us would choose the chips too. Ha ha. Sometimes you can’t give kids choices like that. Give them a choice of banana or an apple. That makes more sense.

    Keeping the kids active is a big challenge. Again, most of it starts with the parents. If the parents are not active, how can they expect the children to be active. “Do what I say, not what I do” is not a good example. I will be honest, it is a pain sometimes to go hiking or doing other outdoor activities on weekends. Sometimes the last thing I want to do is drive an hour or two to go hiking for 6-9 miles, but when we do, it is a lot of fun. Our teens seem to enjoy it and ask about the next time we will go hiking. Sometimes I think of dropping them off on the other side of Elk Grove and have them hike home while I sit in a coffee shop. Ha ha.

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    I appreciate the feedback from both of you. It is hard to lead by example after a full week of work and “life” at times but I take advantage when my daughter asks me if i’ll take her to the park and practice softball with her. Even though I hate chasing those balls deep in the field. She ends up joining me and after awhile we are both laughing and jogging back and forth for a few hours.
    Have a great week everyone!

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    I have my family eat at the table and we don’t have the tv on. I always wanted to be too controlling over watch my kids watched. Yup, sometimes my hubby let them watch things and I was over worried. I knew they had a huge imagination and one child would always cry in disney movies because they were disturbing. No tv during homework. Boy I was tough. One girl would more likely finish her homework first and she had to find another activity besides tv. We respect Martial Arts. My girl who didn’t like to do homework, ended up getting her black belt, and now she is such a good studier. Oh. Here is another mean thing I do. I don’t buy junk food as much. Yeah we have some food that has no purpose, but empty calories. – Why? Because I don’t want to eat the unhealthy food, lol.

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