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      When do you have to stop going to the games??

      K thru 12th grade we went to all their games. Went to their events in college. Now they are playing indoor rec soccer and the games are on Friday evenings. Tonight’s game is at 10:30 pm. I’m going to need a nap before the game.

      Seriously I love seeing kids active and playing. I kind of miss going out on Saturday’s, prepping for the game, bringing snacks and looking for that one darn sock that always seems to be missing. (Okay I don’t miss the lost sock thing). Enjoy it while you can!

      If you want to go to the game for me tonight, I’d enjoy the sub, and I can go for you on a Saturday 🙂

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      I think I wouldn’t go if the games were after whatever time you go to bed. I remember playing in games that started that late and they sucked, even as much as I loved playing indoor soccer. My games were Sunday night.

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      I am not there yet, so I don’t know. Our kids aren’t that involved with sports so it’s not an issue probably anyway. I used to play slow pitch softball and sometimes my mom would come see me play. I’m thinking probably once kids are not doing school sports I wouldn’t go all the time. I for sure wouldn’t go to a late game like that, unless you’re a night owl. We are in bed most days 10 to 10:30 pm.

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      I’m calling my mom, she wasn’t at my game last night.

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      I sound like a terrible mom, but thats why I didn’t want my kids in soccer. I wanted my Saturdays for our time. I don’t go to all of my girls track meets, but if they are in town I enjoy them. I don’t go to my daughters takwondo classes, You can’t go into ballet for my other daughter.

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      Our kids take karate and we used to go for the first year or so, but now usually I drop them off and then I go for a walk or run. There’s really not much to see. We go to the belt promotions of course.

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