New driver or older driver… which is the bigger threat?

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      FEBRUARY 23, 2016

      Streets and roads can be dangerous places and raw numbers suggest that senior and teen drivers are the most accident prone group. This isn’t a criticism of either group because at one point or another we’ll all find ourselves in one of these groups if we’re lucky. Numbers alone tell us that teen drivers are 9 times more likely to get in an accident than middle-aged drivers and senior drivers are 5 times more likely. What are some of the causes?

      Technology – Distracted driving is a major cause of traffic accidents. Between eating, cell phone use, car stereo, make-up and friends in the car there are more than enough sources of driver distraction. Many drivers, especially teens, have suffered fatal consequences from texting. On the other hand it’s technology that car makers are using to save senior drivers’ lives. Inventions like back up cameras and lane departure systems will adjust the steering wheel self-correct the steering.

      Decision Making – This is something that comes with on the road experience. It seems that seniors have the most experience on the road, so their decision-making abilities should be better developed. Teen drivers often make driving decisions based on instinct or panic. If they encounter a situation that they’ve never experienced, they only have a second to decide. Decision-making is where seniors are better on the road.

      Reaction Time – Teen drivers have an advantage when driving under normal conditions. Response times for senior drivers can slow down over time. A common mistake made by senior drivers is in misjudging the speed of oncoming traffic and while teen drivers could probably react two or three times faster after making a decision, a senior drivers response time will be slower. Judging by quicker reaction time’s teens are safer drivers.

      Drinking & Driving – Drinking and driving is a killer for both groups. Seniors are more likely to think they can handle their drinking because of practice alone. Teens have not tested their limits, driving or otherwise. Seniors and teens are equally dangerous under the influence, but the statistics tell us that teens are more likely to drive while under the influence.

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      I think they are both equally dangerous, but every driver is different. Not listed is the fact that many seniors have medical problem that make them unsafe drivers but they don’t want to admit they should not be on the roads and continue driving.

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      For me it’s reaction time, I can totally tell the difference as I get older. In my current car I have all the new safety technology stuff and most of it is very useful, especially the blind spot detector. The best driver’s training I ever had was driving my territory in Los Angeles for a couple of years. You learn to drive like a NY cabbie (the Queens guys, not the current crop of foreigners) out of necessity to get from Hollywood to Santa Monica quickly, and learn how to beat the jams. Now I’m less aggressive, but can still cut a good path if need be. I do find myself with more angst in a strange city when large interchanges come up that aren’t clear to me, and that’s an age thing too I think. Young males have their big T and get into trouble more by taking poor risks, I believe. My daughter drives about 5,000 a month and I’m totally comfortable driving with her as she has more miles down than most people in their mid 30s. My wife drives like Miss Daisy and drives me crazy with her overly cautious driving manner. I don’t like riding with her at all. I don’t carry road cokes (any more) 🙂

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      People on Cell Phones are the worst drivers!!!!!!!!I was scared of My Moms driving. and I was scared of her husband Steves driving. I am not scared with my 3 kids driving.

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      It’s a tough call. I think kids under 20 are pretty bad. Just lack of experience and bad decisions. But then older people can be bad too. I don’t know if there is an age marker, because not everyone ages the same. I have seen 80 year olds drive great and and 60 year olds drive like they were 100.

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