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      I am new in Elk Grove ( about 6 month) and new at this forum, so I hope I don’t open a thread which already exist. I couldn’t find one…
      I would like to learn a new sport (e.g. baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis or whatever) All I could find was CSD, they offer only Volleyball for people which do not want to enter a league. Actually I am looking for something new to learn as I have not much experience in anything except hiking, skiing and snowboarding I would be everywhere a beginner and not ready for a league. Can anybody help me or tell me where I should look to find something?


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      Have you thought about karate? There are many options around town.

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      Very good question. I don’t know of any place off hand for adults to learn team sports. Individual sports like golf and tennis there are.

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      I saw this on the FB page of EG online yard sale site earlier today:

      FREE: “Elk Grove Pick-up Basketball Every Saturday at 8 am (outdoor courts at Joseph Sims Elementary in Laguna): age ranges from mid-30s to early 60s. Skill level ranges from former team players to scrubs. Some of these guys have awful looking form, but nobody cares – we’re just trying to have some fun and try hard!
      NO hero ball, NO hard fouls and NO arguments. Good strong competition and we all want to win, but ego doesn’t drive the play. Just having fun and trying not to get injured!
      Very friendly group. We will introduce ourselves to you so don’t worry about feeling out of place.
      We’ve been playing for over 10 years and ALWAYS want to see new faces. That means you!
      PM me, Email me for more info at Scott@ScottBraithwaite.com or just show up! : )

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