Sheldon Inn

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    They are under new ownership now so they have removed the “Silva’s” from the name. The new owner is Jeffrey Atkins, the owner of Future Solar. They have made some changes to the restaurant and the some slight changes to the menu. They painted the inside and made some changes. They remodeled the bathrooms which were very old. They are now really nice. The biggest thing is they added outdoor seating. Previously it was only used on special occasions. We went there last night for my birthday and had a party of 13 so we sat outside. It was a really nice night to be outside. The weather was perfect. It’s a really nice atmosphere out there. Really pretty. You have 3 options there. The bar, main dining and outside. Sometimes we go to the bar and just get soup and salad. We were just there on Mother’s Day this past Sunday. I had the filet that day. Last night I had the ribeye and that was really good. I think it was like $34 and you get green beans and some potatoes. Also choice of soup or salad. They have added a burger to the menu which is nice for kids. I think it was like $15. My son got that last night and he really liked it. If you’ve never been there, I highly recommend it. They have a pretty good variety of choices.

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    Keep forgetting about Sheldon Inn.. I once held my company’s Christmas Dinner there years ago. The food has always been good for us.. but now that you mentioned the Rib Eye… I may have to give it a try.

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    The menu looks good…I keep forgetting about them too 🙁

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