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      We finally sold our Lexus IS250, and once again for the second time, it was through the Sierra College Auto Fair. Craigslist was next to useless. Our biggest problem was that there were at any given time 15 cars practically identical for thousands less, but they ALL had salvage titles.

      We did have to go through a couple of loan turndowns, a couple of price drops, but yesterday a nice young gal from Elk Grove, pre-approved, called, had seen the car at the Auto Fair, and wanted to drive it. We had it at home, invited her over, made a deal and met her at her credit union for the loan docs, and walked out less one vehicle.

      We showed the car three weekends, $50 per weekend, for a total of $150. Had we returned, we would have had three more weekends without cost, good for one year.

      The last time was my daughter’s Lexus IS 300. That one went faster, and a wholesaler from Roseville bought it the second day of the first weekend. Although there is a cost that we don’t have on Craigslist, it’s a venue that I believe pays for itself, exposes your vehicle to a good number of real buyers, and for us it’s worked out great. I will always use the Sierra Auto Fair for any car, boat, or RV we might want to sell.

      You can complete the paperwork online, and the processing on site is quick and sophisticated. It’s extremely well run, well attended, and we’ve never had any kind of a problem with damage or theft.

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