Speed limit changes in Elk Grove

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    Last spring, the City conducted speed surveys throughout the city to verify and update current speed limits in compliance with the California Vehicle Code (CVC). The City Council approved an ordinance last fall amending speed limits in the Elk Grove Municipal Code Chapter 10.48 Speed Zones. Speed limit signs with the new speeds were installed by the Public Works Department in December and January. Enforcement of the new speed limits may be monitored using radar equipment. To view the changes implemented throughout the city, the Speed Zone Map is attached or you can view the Speed Zone Map and Table online at http://www.elkgrovecity.org/traffic.



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    Its frustrating. I do not wish for the speed limit to be lower.

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    @violarose 124047 wrote:

    Its frustrating. I do not wish for the speed limit to be lower.

    hear hear!

    Caution: if you hate rants and OT posts, please end your reading of this post here :sarcastic

    The biggest reason I’d want a speed limit reduction is if there were a largely uncontrolled increase or continuous occurrence of collisions (vehicle-vehicle, or even worse, vehicle-person/animal). That I can recall, there hasn’t been anything to big.
    Not to sound like a police-instigator :p, but I see this as a reason for LEOs to crack down hard on speeding within town.
    Stories from 2 close contacts of their experience with EGPD on traffic stops have me a little wary of any negative interaction with EGPD 🙂
    1. pedestrian crossing in old town
    2. prohibited U-turn; the notorious U-turn in-front of Big Lots

    Not saying that either one of those acts were condoned or proper, but the social engineering the officers gave to them were appalling
    1. officer claimed driver “almost ran the guy over”… when driver says the pedestrian in cross-walk had already crossed into 2 barricaded area and in the direction away from driver’s car.
    2. officer claimed driver drove onto the sidewalk to make the u-turn. Driver says the car’s turning radius is not as bad as the car looks, which I would agree. Even my 2001 SUV could make that U-turn without touching the sidewalk, not to mention that my guess U-turns were restricted there was to avoid traffic there attempting to avoid out-of-the-way H99S on-ramp.
    Again, not condoning the act of drivers – they both got their proper citation. Just that the fact the LEO tried to engineer something further was disrespectful, IMO.

    I apologize for the unnecessary rant 😀

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    LOL. I had a similar experience one time with an EGPD motor cop in front of our sons elementary school. There was an area that was defined as no parking. There were 3 poles with signs on them. Then there was a gate that said no parking. So I parked on the other side of the gate where there were no signs at all. I walked our son into school who at that time was a kindergartener and came back and he was writing me a ticket. So I gave him my info and then I asked him how far the no parking extended to because there were 3 signs, a gate and then nothing at all. He said it extended all the way to the next stop sign. That was probably 500 feet away at least. So I said so it’s no parking all the way to the stop sign but there are no other no parking signs and at that point he got a little huffy. He said “fine, then I’ll call the city to come out and install signs every 5 feet, because people like you …..blah blah”. So at that point I knew he was full of crap. I knew he made that up. So I get out my phone and take a photo of where I was parked at in relation to the no parking signs and he says “what are you doing?”. I said I am taking a photo to show where I was parked at because I don’t believe this is a no parking area and I will see you in court. By that time 2 other parents came over and they had questions about the parking as well. He says “fine” and takes the ticket back and rips it up and walks away mumbling about people like us…… Sometimes you have to take your medicine. Sometimes you can argue your case.

    it’s my understanding as far as a crosswalk that you don’t have to wait until they completely cross. For example on large intersections with a divider, like Laguna Blvd, once they cross over to the lanes going the other way you can go. if there is no divider like say in old town or other smaller streets, then you have to wait for them to completely cross. If your friend was in the larger type of intersection, and the person was past the divider, then I would fight that ticket.

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    I have that understanding as well regarding crosswalks. Once they have passed safely it is ok to go. I always wait until they are past the divider if there is one, but if there’s not, I always play it safe and wait until they are completely across. I don’t need no stinkin ticket.

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