Missing Elk Grove Teen Girl Emily Rico


Emily Rico missing girl


This is 14 year old Emily Rico, She was missing last month and was found and has now runaway again according to her mother, Colleen Smith’s post on Facebook



My daughter is missing again. She is 14, she is an at risk youth and may be suicidal. I am asking for your help to keep an eye out for her and call me immediately if you see her. She has been missing since just after midnight July 9th from Elk Grove CA. She has a small dog with her as well. She may be hurt (feet or ankles) as she may have jumped from the second story of our home.
I know everyone wants every detail and I am trying to keep some things private if possible as she is a child. She ran away last month and was found with some very unfavorable people.
She went missing about 1 am from Elk Grove.
Her name is Emily Rico….. She may use the name “Jessie”
She is 5′ 2 1/2 and about 110 lbs. She wears glasses and has a small dog with her. She was wearing a black shirt and black jeans.
If you have ANY info please call me at 916-667-8381 or my cell 916-217-9144. Elk Grove Police dept case number #16-004548 and their number is 916-714-5115.
Her dad may be involved and is not a good person for her to be around. I have full custody, legal and physical.
Please share this everywhere. She had made a comment about Arizona so please share this EVERYWHERE.


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