Depending upon where your router is located in your home, some areas may not have good Wi-Fi coverage. Walls, doorways and different floor levels affect the signal on your Wi-Fi network. The farther away you get from your router, the weaker the signal is and the less reliable it is.


There are two ways to fix the problem. One is a “W-Fi” extender. It’s a device that will connect to your Wi-Fi and extend the signal. Let’s say your router is at one end of the house and the other end has poor coverage, you can place the Wi-Fi Extender somewhere in the middle and it will extend your Wi-Fi to the rest of the house. Amazon has lots of options for this. Wi-Fi Extender.

They typically look like this. It comes with an Ethernet Port to plug into your devices. The one pictured is $29.99 on Amazon. You can plug an ethernet cable into the extender and connect it to your other devices that may not have Wi-Fi capability.  Setting up the extender to your Wi-Fi is fairly easy, but does require some tech skills.



A second method is called a “powerline adapter”. That is the easiest method. You plug it in and it works using your home’s electrical wiring giving you internet service at any outlet in your home and without the worry about a weak Wi-Fi signal. You need to buy a 2 pack starter kit. One part is plugged in near your router and connected to the router using the ethernet port. The second part can be plugged into any outlet in your home and then you can connect your device using an ethernet cable to the powerline adapter. The benefit is that you have a stronger, more consistent connection than relying on Wi-Fi. It’s plug and play, no set up necessary. The downside is you have to connect using an ethernet cable. This is something that is better suited for something like a home computer, cable or satellite box, gaming device like a PS4 or Xbox,or other device that you will not be moving. Here’s an example below. This one has 2 ports so you can connect two devices. This one is $39.99 on Amazon.



If you think you’ll need more than one, you can purchase additional powerline adapters for $20.59 on Amazon.


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