Planned Wilton Rancheria Casino Not On Elk Grove City Council Agenda Tonight, July 13

Last week at the community meeting for the Wilton Rancheria Casino, Mayor Gary Davis said that the casino would be on the agenda for the council meeting tonight. According to a press release from the City of Elk Grove that will not be taking place. Quoted from the City’s Facebook Page,

“Despite news to the contrary, the Elk Grove City Council will not hear from the Wilton Rancheria Tribe regarding their proposed resort and casino project during tonight’s regular City Council meeting. The Tribe requested this item be postponed to a date yet to be determined prior to the agenda’s publication last Friday, July 8. Residents who attend tonight’s meeting that wish to speak regarding this project may do so under Item 5 of the meeting agenda under Public Comment, however, the City Council cannot take action on non-agendized items raised under this section until the matter has been specifically included on an agenda as an action item. “


Statement from Wilton Rancheria Chairman Raymond C. Hitchcock re tonight’s meeting:

“Last Wednesday, we held a very successful town hall meeting, with more than 300 people attending and showing strong support, and over 3,600 people viewing it online. As a result, we decided there was no need to hold another meeting just a few days later. 


Wilton Rancheria has been part of this community, literally, for centuries. We want to be a good neighbor, which is why we have been working so closely with the community to show the benefits for Elk Grove. And this is why support for the project is strong and growing. We will continue to reach out as we move ahead.”

For more information about the proposed Wilton Rancheria resort and casino project, please visit the City’s web site at http://goo.gl/wY8l3W

The City has a FAQ setup on their website that answers a lot of the questions that residents may have


Q. What role does the City of Elk Grove play in the review and approval of the Wilton Rancheria project?

A. The proposed casino resort project and EIS are undertakings of the Wilton Rancheria and the BIA. The City has no land use or approval authority over the project. However, the decision on where to place the project will impact the City. The City submitted comments on the EIS to the BIA in February 2016 which can be found here. Additional discussions with the Tribe regarding the potential community impacts and the development of a mitigation agreement between the City and Tribe, are currently underway.


Q.There was a public hearing on the draft EIS in Galt on January 29. Why have there not been any public hearings on the project scheduled in the City of Elk Grove?

A. As lead agency, the BIA is responsible for conducting all public outreach associated with the project and the draft EIS. Now that the Wilton Rancheria Tribe has named Elk Grove as its preferred site, the Tribe conducted a town-hall style community meeting on Wednesday, July 6 at The Falls Event Center.  Tribal leaders presented an overview of the resort and casino project, received community feedback and answer questions. A copy of the presentation is shown above.


Q. What impact would the Elk Grove location have on the Outlet Collection at Elk Grove mall project?

A.The proposed Elk Grove casino resort location is north of the approved outlet mall site and will not impede that project (as approved in October 2014, click here for details ) from moving forward. The Howard Hughes Corporation, developer of the outlet mall continues to make progress on the development and leasing for The Outlet Collection at Elk Grove and anticipates construction in 2017.


Q. Will the City Council or Elk Grove residents have an opportunity to vote on the Wilton Rancheria proposal?

A.The Wilton Rancheria proposal requires approval from both the BIA to take the land into trust and the California Governor’s Office to approve a tribal gaming compact. Local jurisdictions are consulted through the process, but ultimately have no vote or land use authority over the project.


Q. I am concerned about the impacts of the casino on our community, including loss of future tax revenue, public safety and traffic. What is the City doing to address these concerns?

A.The EIS presents an evaluation of all of the alternative sites for potential impacts associated with the project including economic, social, transportation, public safety, and noise. The EIS can be found atwww.wiltoneis.com. Prior to approval of the project from the BIA or Governor’s office, the Tribe is required to negotiate agreements with affected local jurisdictions to mitigate potential impacts. AnMemorandum of Understanding (MOU) executed in 2009 between Wilton Rancheria, Sacramento County and the City of Elk Grove outlines the process for negotiating that agreement.


Q.Has the City taken an official position on the location of the project?

A. The City has taken no official position on the project and has no vote or land use authority on where the project is located.
Q. How can I voice my support or opposition for this project?
A. Due to the fact that the City has no vote or land use authority over this project, all comments should be forwarded to the BIA contact below:
BIA Contact Information
John Rydzik, Chief of the Division of Environmental, Cultural Resource Management and Safety
Bureau of Indian Affairs, Pacific Regional Office
2800 Cottage Way
Sacramento, CA 95825
(916) 978-6051

Project Next StepsThe public comment period for the project closed on February 29, 2016. The BIA is currently in the process of reviewing the comments and preparing the final EIS, which will likely take several months to complete.

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  1. Tom Brown says:

    Build it and Elk Grove becomes a destination city overnight.

  2. Sandra says:

    What are we waiting for let’s get this casino built it’s going to take awhile to do it it’s going to bring in a lot of money a lot of jobs and that’s a lot of bull that it says it’s going to bring in more violence , you get violence no matter what town you’re in, large or small

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