Calvine Road Closure August 1-6 (postponed)

Update 7/27/16  Union Pacific has postponed the repairs on the Calvine railroad crossing.


The commute for drivers going east of 99 Elk Grove is going to get a little more difficult the first week of August. Union Pacific Railroad will be repairing the crossing at Calvine Road just west of Vintage Park.
The closure of Calvine, coupled with the ongoing closure of Sheldon Road at Waterman, could make commuting through the east side a little harder. Drivers will need to zig zag through the area relying on Elk Grove-Florin to by pass the road closures. Suggested detours include Bond, Elk Grove-Florin, and Gerber Roads.
The Sheldon/Waterman intersection is scheduled to reopen August 4 after a 30 day closure to install a roundabout.

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