What are some other methods of home security besides the traditional alarm? The most popular are the video camera systems that allow you to see live what is happening or record video. Some record onto a hard drive and some record to the cloud. Two of the more popular systems are Ring and Nest, although are many others.


Ring is a system that goes in place of your doorbell and shows video of the area by your door. When someone comes to the door it will send a notification to your phone or tablet. You can then see live video of the person and you can use the speaker on the Ring doorbell to speak to them. You can do this from your home or even if you are 2000 miles away and make it seem like you are home. Ring is probably the easiest to install and doesn’t require adding a power supply.

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Another good system is Nest.  That is what we have in our home. The Nest requires an outlet to plug into. Depending on the area, it may also require attaching it to your house. Nest cameras are indoor only, although we have them outside away from the weather. Nest is coming out with an outdoor camera this fall. Nest also works with your phone or tablet and sends you notifications.


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Which one is right for you? Depends on what you want to use it for. The Ring is great for a video of your front door. You can see who is there and talk to them, it’s easy to install and use, and doesn’t require an outlet. The Nest is more versatile for other uses such as in your home, your patio, your garage, other areas outside the home. You may find you need both. We also have Nest thermostats, so using the Nest app we can manage everything in one place.




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