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On August 11 the traditional schools in the Elk Grove Unified School District will end their summer vacation and welcome thousands of students back to school. That means thousands of kids walking, riding bikes and being dropped off in cars.


Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Leave early. The busiest time at school is the 10 minutes before school starts. Get there 15-20 minutes early if possible to avoid the rush.
  • Follow the recommended drop off and pick up procedures at your school. When dropping off, always pull forward as far as you can. Don’t pull in and drop off at the first opening.
  • DO NOT BLOCK INTERSECTIONS OR CROSSWALKS  This is a big one. You cannot enter an intersection if you can’t clear it. If that means waiting for the next light change, then do it. Blocking crosswalks and forcing kids to enter the traffic lane is dangerous.
  • Drive like you would want others to drive around your kids
  • Do not drop off in the middle of the street and block traffic
  • Do not double park
  • Do not block traffic lanes
  • Do no park in bike lanes
  • Try to find carpools in your neighborhood
  • Walk to school if possible, especially on nice days
  • Park nearby and walk to school
  • At pickup, consider having your child wait 10-15 minutes before you drive to pick them up. By that time traffic will be considerably less.
  • YOUR TIME IS NOT MORE VALUABLE THAN ANYONE ELSES.  If you have to get to work, go to another school or make an appointment, leave earlier. That doesn’t mean you get to disobey the law.

If you follow the basic rules, be courteous of others and have patience, we can all get through it and our kids will be safer.


                 Albiani Middle School drop off and pick up


       Pleasant Grove Elementary School drop off




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