Elk Grove suffers third driving fatality in just over one month

It has been  a deadly last few weeks on Elk Grove streets as the city suffered it’s third driving fatality in just over a month. Yesterday afternoon a woman was killed in an accident on Promenade Parkway. No word yet from police on what caused the accident. The accident shut down Promenade Parkway between Grantline and the nearby Kaiser Medical Building for several hours as police investigated the accident involving a Toyota Prius and a landscaping truck. The driver of the Prius was killed in the accident. The deceased has not yet been identified.


This follows two accidents in July that took the lives of two Elk Grove residents. On July 8 a driver of a Prius was killed on Laguna Blvd when his car was rear ended at a stop light by an SUV. That driver was later identified as 63 year old Jeffrey Fields.


Just over a week later a motorcyclist was killed on Laguna Park Drive when another driver turning left into the shopping center parking lot collided with him. The motorcyclist was later identified as 36 year old Dale Funkhouser.


As the city deals with yet another driving fatality, local residents have expressed concern about the recent series of accidents on the Elk Grove Laguna Forums Facebook Page. With two fatal accidents involving the Toyota Prius, some residents are questioning the safety of the vehicle. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gives the Prius a rating of “good” on it’s website.





Roadside memorial for Dale Funkhouser



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  1. Minh Tran says:

    People are driving reckless. It’s not the vehicle. Laguna Blvd is a big street and people are driving like they’re flying.

  2. Wildwestbunch7 @yahoo.com says:

    I just moved from house by Elk Grove park and I am tell u this. Who ever had the brilliant idea of this new stretch of highway didn’t use there brain. Elk Grove is growing out of control I myself hated the way that the just turned it into a bigger mess and yes some drivers are out of control but that’s everywhere and I personally think the best idea is to have more police patrolling these areas I will volunteer to help and issue tickets to people that don’t care and also if people would learn to merge right and get the drivers to be more courtesy and not try to wait till last min to get over or try to cut I front of people so they they are 1st this world is all about the me generation and just stupid people

  3. Josie Gonzalez says:

    I drive for a living, all day long in Elk Grove and Sout Sac. I see so msny people on the phone speeding texting children not restrained AT ALL, I’m not talking about properly. People not wearing seatbelts. Not sure the rules apply to all citizens, or maybe they feel entitled or maybe they can afford to pay high insurance premiums for crashing and injuring and killing.

  4. RM says:

    People in Elk Grove drive like flipping idiots. The streets are so impacted, they don’t follow simple road rules, you never see police patrol. It’s lawless…

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